My Mama- Poem

May 18, 2018





My Mama is my star,

Always here - yes you are,

Turn away,

The bacteria in my body will play,

My head is spinning,

We still believe we are winning,

An unstoppable force,

Our bond the best resource,

To keep fighting strong,

No matter how bumpy or the road is long,

We cry together in our beds,

Creating endless ideas in our heads,

You hold my hand as I face the world with fear, 

Seeing the stain on my face from a tear, 

You boost me,

Showing me,

I am the best person I can be,

The world must see,

How we fight,

Always keeping our goals in sight,

A mission we didn’t accept or want to take on,

Our spirit or fight has never gone,

We have our days,

When all is too much in many different ways,

Still you are here,

You never disappear,

You hold my hand,

Strong to the world we stand,

No illness or disease can cause us to part,

I will always keep you in my heart,

So special and you are mine,

Always going above and beyond the set line,

A bond,

Of which I am so fond,

We paint the pages of our stories everyday,

A new challenge to take on in some way,

Together we take on what life throws in our direction,

In the mirror we see a warrior’s reflection,

My sunflower always so bright,

Lighting the darkest of tunnels with your light,

I could not fight,

Without you in sight, 

It’s true,

Mama - thank you and I love you! 











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