Opening Up - On Air

May 22, 2018





What a morning, what a day. 




First off - big shout out to Mamager Wardy for coming with me and being a part of this adventure with me. 


I didn’t know what to expect, I have never done a radio interview before.


I had so much to say, but I knew I would be pressed for time. I was well prepared. Creating a mindmap, with bullpoint pointers - all ready to go. 


I thought I would be more nervous, frozen to the spot and stammering to find words. Somehow I wasn’t. Maybe because in the end it was unscripted and it came from the heart. I didn’t re-read a script I had revised. I felt stupid even taking my mind-map in because I never used it. Never even looked down at the page.


I told myself not to get overwhelmed with the mics and the fancy buttons. I have battled many confidence issues in my time and at one point you would have struggled to get me to make conversation with a family member, yet here I was with a mic in front of me, two presenters and an audience that covered my county. The buzz of the achievement of how far I had come was massive. Here is proof that so many positives can come from a really tough negative. These pieces of evidence are what inspire us to keep fighting and pushing ourselves. 


I remember in English for my GCSE we had to give a presentation to the class. I had chosen to cover the Beijing Olympics. As always prior to this occasion, I had revised and learnt a script. I had sounded like a robot, stammered and stumbled on words prior to this presentation. This was a turning point to me. I started off, talking as I had revised but then the class were allowed to ask any questions they wanted. I couldn’t revise what they were going to ask. I panicked. What if I couldn’t answer or made a mistake? Sheer panic began boiling within me. This was the best part of my presentation as I began simply speaking from my personal knowledge and heart. I ac’ed it and had proven myself wrong. I had faced my fear head on and come out feeling stronger than ever.



From that day on I have been a lot more of an un-scripted and better public speaker as well as conversationalist. It helped watching leaders and celebrities giving interviews to. Watching them pause so that people don’t even realise it’s because they need time to think, they just think it’s a natural pause & breath. 


This was, a big thing for me. Not just for raising awareness but personal. As time goes on I don’t fear, fear itself as much. I can feel nerves and unrest but I don’t allow them to overtake me or build walls around me to lock me in. I’ve survived what has felt like the end of my life, many one to many times now. That I just feel whatever happen, life goes on. I’d rather push myself, live without regret and help others. If I enertained fear allowing ignorance and suffering to continue. What kind of a person would that make me? 


TV interviews, magazine interviews and radio interviews are so outside my comfort zone. I hope I manage to fool you all though. The few moments of sheer panic for driving change for the better is so worth it. 


My story is precious but so are the lives of everyone who walks on the Earth’s ground. Love is what makes the world keep turning. Without love we can’t support and love one another. We can not blossom and grow for the better. That is why we are all here - to fight together, never alone. 


Please use the link to take a listen!

I was on roughly 43 minutes in, until 1 hour 5 minutes in, on the Sally & Brett show 9.30-12pm. 


Take a listen  


Remember, I am proof that fear is stupid ( as Monroe would say) and we can do anything if we push ourselves and really believe. 


Thank you for all the lovely kind words of support and love you all continue to show. It really does warm my heart. 









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