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May 26, 2018

May is drawing to a close and what a month it has been. 


The month kicked off well when we enjoyed an extremely successful protest outside Parliament and really we didn't know what to expect from the awareness month ahead of us. 


Not only the admin team but all the 8,500 members who are a part of our support hub have REALLY blown us out of the water. So much work is put in, by all the admin team to ensure we can reach as big of an audience as possible but also inspire members, family members and fellow citizens to join in the fight to spread awareness. 


Really, a MASSIVE thank you must be given to you all. Many question ( like myself ) if we do enough to raise awareness and help people understand Lyme disease so they can protect themselves and their loved ones. We all do our bit in our own ways and that's what is important. When we piece together the newsletter it proudly displays ALL the projects people have being working on and really engaging in our campaign, Which is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. This has been our most successful awareness month by far since we formed back in 2013 and our membership has shot threw the room over the years. 


Only proof that this is a far bigger issue than what the authorities want to admit to. 


This weekend we have the wonderful Julia at the Bushcraft show representing Lyme UK with our stand and our leaflets. It is amazing to be invited to these kind of exhibitions and shows as this just proves how people WANT to know MORE and UNDERSTAND. The amount of pharmacy's, companies and organisations who have wanted to display leaflets and posters is just outstanding. Our social media audience is growing and we are really engaging with so many of you worldwide, so thank you. 



On our side of things, Mama and I have managed to get Rufus Bellamy on board, who contacted 690 parks encouraging them to educate their residents and customers about the disease. My local MP Ben Wallace, is extremely supportive and we work closely together to try and push Government for changes in the law. 


We work around the clock - literally. Always brainstorming, always thinking of new ideas and trying our hardest to engage with a wider audience to spread awareness. 


This is often tough, people forget we are all extremely poorly and we work so hard and really do push ourselves. Not only supporting our members, but ensure that rules aren't abused and broken within the group and all the awareness work we do. We do interviews when our brains are foggy, we take pictures when our skin is pale and we are exhausted and we open up about subjects that are often extremely upsetting topics for us in order to get the message out. We aren't here to be rebels, we aren't here to cause trouble - the total opposite. 


We truly understand how overwhelmed and overworked the NHS is but we feel let down by the way in which our cases are handled and how personally we are treated. We love what they stand for and understand how hard they work. We work so hard to drive change but at the same time work to strengthen the health community overall. Get medics educated so they can deal with Lyme disease cases faster and more effectively so life-long expensive treatments aren't required. We try to be respectful but we also would appreciate respect back. Our aim is to lighten their load over all. We try our best to educate people so then there are less cases for the health community to treat, we TRY to spread to word so they don't have to. 


One day, maybe we won't ever get a thanks - but there will become a time when they will have to ADMIT our disease is a SERIOUS, WORLDWIDE problem. 


We will be 10 steps ahead of them though because all of our work will have helped this unknown disease be more well known. With the backing from the Government and medical circles people will begin to really take our points seriously. 


I just hope and pray it is sooner rather than later - so more innocent people don't fall victim to this horrendous disease. 


Thank you, to all my personal readers for the love, support and kind comments you give me daily, to my fellow admin members ( I think we all need a good sleep after this month) for being such amazing friends as well as great warriors, to all fellow Lymie's and loved ones for being brave everyday and to all who may or may not be touched by Lyme disease but you have been open to learning more about the disease and picked up our leaflets!


Check out Julia's interview on the Bushcraft's Facebook page  and hit the link below to listen to my radio interview from Tuesday. 


Keep the positivity going!







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