How To Stay Positive In A Negative Situtation

June 23, 2018


We all feel negative from time to time, like our walls are caving in and there is no way out? Where is light? Believe me, there is always a light. 

Key questions to ask yourself.



1. Is this worth getting upset over?

Normally the answer is no, so that right there is when worries should fade and we should choose to focus on things that make us happy. 


2. What is the lesson here? What can I learn from this?

Often or not there is always something that we can use as a stepping stone towards bigger and greater goals. 


3. Am I overthinking and over-reacting to a situation?

We are all guilty of it - we make judgements and jump to conclusions. It is best to step back and what will be, will be. Overthinking or creating a drama won't solve the issue, it will only heighten the issues. 


4. What is the positive I can take away from this?

Focusing on the positives will only inspire you to move closer to your dreams.


5. How is this person making me a better person? 

Negative people bring with the negative vibes. There is enough doom and gloom in our lives as it is. We need to find light and create light whether possible. Surround yourself with positive people who will bring with them the positive vibes to inspire you not bring you down. 


6.Can I control the situation?

Really take a moment and see if it is at all possible to 'change the direction of the wind', if not then things you can't change aren't worth worrying about. If you do have control, use it wisely.  



7. What can I do right now to make me feel better?

Pamper yourself with your favourite movies, foods and surround yourself with people who bring you joy. 


8. How can I see the situation with love?

It is often hard not to be cruel when you are hurting inside. Remember love is the best medicine and the biggest healer. So dishing it out helps it come your way too and with a dose of love ANYONE can begin to feel better. 



Don't let the negative bring you down, let them be the reason why you keep getting back up!




Keep fighting, S xoxo


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Life is too short not to live it to the full, making yourself happy.

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