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July 2, 2018



Monday, new month, new week. 


I thought June was manic but July I sense is going to be just as crazy. With being out of the country, work committments and social events, I will blink and yet another month will have gone. 


This morning I was featured in the Lancashire Evening Post. I hoped that sharing my story would help raise awareness before children break for school and begin enjoying the outdoors more. The story was pushed forward because it’s such an important issue right now and people need to protect themselves. 


My story - is not always easy to share but it’s not about me. It’s about all human kind. 


If my story makes one parent spray insect repellent on their child before they go on a picnic. 


Or adults to body check each other then it’s all worth it. I wouldn’t wish this hell on anyone. 


I write my blog to help others like me deal with our days to day challenges. It helps heal me as well as others and that gives me self-worth and purpose when a lot of time when battling with chronic illnesses we feel weak, discarded, an embarrassment plus many more negative thoughts that enter our heads. 


For me, campaigning is easy and it isn’t. It’s easy because I adore people and will always give my heart to anyone even if it brings me pain. It isn’t easy because we face lots of judgements and have to unearth a lot of sadness we have tried to put to bed. 


I can’t tell you how thankful and appreciative I am of all the lovely comments I receive because they are what motive me to push my own sadness and pain aside so others don’t have to feel the pain. 


This disease - is hell. We can laugh at our falls, our dizzy do’s, our memory loss because laughter and love are the best forms of medicine and if we don’t laugh we would cry. But in all seriousness- it’s not a life I would wish on anyone and it is a struggle every second of every damn day. We don’t get a break or a period of rest bite. That’s the hard pill we have to swallow. 


I am guilty of thinking as every normal person would, that coming away on holiday meant rest and chillax time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in paradise and I’m SO grateful, but my baggage comes with me and it doesn’t lighten. The magic spell I believed would be cast was a long lost dream and having to realise that managing symptoms and just being grateful and enjoying the time I have is what I need to really do. That I must sleep when I can, eat when I can and chill when I can because I never know when flare ups will occur or how I am going to be from one day to the next. 



All Lyme warriors campaign in different ways and do it out of their own hearts to protect and save lives. Don’t think for one moment it is easy us. 


Our heart and our people come before our own pain and sadness. 


I wouldn’t change that though.  My sadness wasn’t a waste, it had a purpose and through sharing my sadness I grew as a person in strength and courage to aid my own battle and healing.


I hope you enjoy reading the article and scoot over to Lyme Disease UK to read my blog post on - What One Thing We Wished People Knew About Lyme. It was an emotionally charged question with a fab response. Thank you all. 



Finally THANK YOU for all your love, support & kind comments. 



My love always. 







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