Hitting The Daily Mail- National News

July 4, 2018




it’s seems my story has exploded just a little and hit the national news. 


It was online in the Sun & Daily Mail yesterday and actually in print in the Daily Mail today. 


So grab your copy. It’s on page 7. 


If this doesn’t go to show that this disease is serious and needs not only acceptance but funding, research & education around it, then I really don’t know what other proof is needed. 


We don’t share our stories to scare people or to simply get in the paper. We do it to protect and save lives from this hell. We wouldn’t wish it upon anyone and our hearts are in the right places when we speak up about our health. 


My story, is just one of millions of untold and often invisible cases. 


We get silenced and dismissed. We lose all confidence and confidence in ourselves to have the courage to stand up and speak up. 


Over time, I’ve faced so many judgements and the pain I face everyday has made me grow a thicker skin towards it all. Yes, harsh words always hurt but we have to understand that people often simply lack understanding and education. It’s not against us as people. We have to believe that one day they will understand and take notice. Believe me.. in the end they will remember your story and refer back to it. They will be the ones to feel silly and carry guilt for judging you because even though that brushed your story off, it may have helped them in some way. 


That is why we speak up!


We, must. We are in the drivers seat. We fight everyday for change so that generations after us will have to experience this hell. 



I thought leaving the country would be difficult for me. I was losing time I could be educating parents before schools broke. I worried that my two week break could mean that people may not get the awareness and prevention needed to protect themselves. I haven’t been able to switch off. I am glad, I have managed to keep working whilst being away as for now at least I still feel like I’m doing my job. 



Thank you all for your love and on-going support. You all warm my hearts everyday. If we keep finding the courage and keep fighting we will achieve change and we can definitely take the credit for the lives we protect and save along our own journeys. 


Thank you!
















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