Throbbing Body - Poetry

July 14, 2018



Aching in my joints, muscles and bones all the time,

Never feeling in my prime,

The sun sometimes a friend sometimes a foe,

I never really know,

My battery pack in flashing,

The rain is lashing,

The heat,

Makes me skip a heart beat,

Inside I know something isn’t quite right,

Trying to keep smiley and bright,

My ribs are sore,

I can’t walk in this heat anymore,

Tired but why?

Why do I want to cry?

I want to sleep,

My dreams I cling on to and want to keep,

Time goes by,

On a bed I must lie, 

Rashes play dot to dot,

I don’t know an awful lot,

I laugh and I cry,

My head pulses so badly I can’t lie, 

The pressure to intense I don’t want to move,

I am losing my groove,

We try to be normal and live life to the full,

Never wanting to feel dull, 

I do what I can,

I am only one human, 

The pain,

Is insane,

The strength we gain,

Helps us dance through the rain,

Take my blood,

From my veins will it flood?

Give me some answers for my pain,

They are such a strain,

Always changing with something new,

I never knew,

The complex game,

That would mean my life would never be the same,

My head throbs,

Your life this disease robs,

Hear my sobs?

My whole body on fire as it throbs,

Food isn’t as appealing,

The pain I am feeling,

Is real,

It’s so hard for me to deal,

With the everyday life we live,

To my pain I can forgive,

For the Sophie you see,

Is the person I have blossomed into to be,

The best version I can,

But remember I am only human. 










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