Weekly Round Up - Poem Style.

August 4, 2018

What a week it has been, it has been a week that is so hard to put into words. So I hoped I would be able to using poetry. 



The BBC, 

Rang little old Sophie, 

To be on the screen, 

I was keen, 


To spread the message and fight for us all, 

I had to remember to sit up straight and stand tall, 

Speak from the heart and allow my pain, 

To showcase the strain, 

Which is our everyday, 

Words can't explain I say, 

On your box press play, 

Watch it on replay, 

Allow the words to sink in, 

We need a win, 

We suffer day after to day, 

In more than one way, 

To find the balance and a pace,

 The smile we paint on our face, 

SKY News to the BBC, 

Did you follow me?

From radio to the TV, 

You can follow me, 

Through my words and the way I write, 

Working hard to keep up the fight, 

Day after day, 

Fighting is some way, 

To be heard and to be listened to, 

I can't tell you how much work we do, 

Around the clock and it never stops I can't explain, 

We deal with a lot of rain, 

I am just a girl with a dream, 

To make others showcase smiles that beam ,

To spread love and positivity wherever I go, 

I will always give you my heart you know, 

My passion to save others from the pain I feel, 

Makes it more accepting of the pain that is so real, 

I can't run away from the suffering and hide, 

I am on a rollercoaster ride, 

We speak our truth that comes from the soul, 

This disease takes such a toll, 

I sit on the sofa and speak from the heart, 

Taking deep breaths and trying to not fall apart, 

I try to keep cheerful and upbeat, 

I can feel the heat, 

I want to be a positive role model for all, 

So I have no choice but to stand tall, 

Here and now, 


I can take a bow, 

My mission is to serve you, 

To fight for a change in suffering the ways you do, 

I have to be brave, 

To my fears I cannot cave, 

To be strong, 

I know the road is so very long, 

I am here and I am there, 

I have many days when I am down in despair, 

My own heart I struggle to repair, 


That is the reason I fight - right there, 

To heal others and soothe my own aches, 

True courage it takes, 

A camera in my face, 

I must handle myself with grace, 

Be level headed and calm, 

Rub your lips together with your lip balm, 

You need to look fresh and alive, 

Don't fall and take a nose dive, 

Take the stage, 

I can't break out in a rage, 

I can cry, 

I won't lie, 

I know its not been easy, 

I often feel queasy, 


I fight for myself and for you, 

It is why I do all the work I do, 

So see me now and follow me, 

As I try to be the best person I can be, 

Such an exciting week, 

But now I am quite weak, 

My love to you, 

You have all made my journey what it is becoming because of all of you, 

Thank you, 

For all the love you give to me and all you do, 














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