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August 11, 2018

Okay, okay - so I have  lot to answer to really. Why have I been posting old swimming videos, pictures and just giving you all a blast from the past but keeping you in the dark?

The reason is --- I think this really is SO crazy and that is why it has taken me a little time to get my head around and really understand the scale and massive deal this opportunity is. 


I guess we all think about our stories and what we have achieved. I was lucky enough to experience an amazing swimming career and in a lot of way it really does feel like a life so far away from the one I have now. I forget that although I don't live in the water anymore the skills, the discipline, determination and inspiration I carry with me and have made me into the person I am today. 

I loved my swimming days and am so lucky to have experienced all the success I did, but I have not let illness or injury stop me from achieving new goals and dreams in life. I still grieve my swimming career and times everyday - I am human and I am not immune to the heartache my health brings and the end of that chapter in my life and although I never EVER wanted or dreamed of the place and circumstances I do now, I try to make the most of it. 


And.. I guess this is why we are here. 


People who follow me on social media and read my blogs will have seen my recent media work in TV, radio and print pieces. I have really been working around the clock, bombarding people, trying to educate as many people as possible, help sufferers feel they aren't alone but also show them proof that WE CAN still keep living and deserve too despite our conditions. That Japanese world news have actually picked up on my story and basically they pick hot topics in the news to really highlight and broadcast in their 'world news'. At first, I thought ok - it will be a quick 4 minute interview job and I mean all the awareness is fabulous and I was so amazed but thankful for Japanese news to be so willing to highlight Lyme Disease. On talking to the crew and the producers they wanted to know everything about me, my family, my achievements, a time-line, my health now so that they could really nail this story and practically act out MY STORY! 

Now I know, this IS CRAZY... little old Sophie having actors hired, and WORLD NEWS act out YOUR STORY, YOUR LIFE. You have to take a hot minute to really digest the facts. 


I have been so lucky, really lucky that now where I seem to go people have seen my pieces and have read up, done their own research and really know a lot more about the disease and that is what my mission is because the more people remember my story and my message, they WILL protect themselves and their loved ones which in the grand scheme of things could save SOOOOOOO many lives. 


And now tomorrow the crew and camera man are flying in and touching down in Manchester airport to spend four hours with me - going through everything. I spent 7 hours basically sharing my whole life story so they can get a really good clear idea and do the piece to the best of their abilities. 


It is just so crazy, I am not Hollywood actress or anything like that - just simply me. 


I hope my story INSPIRES so many but also YES my life isn't as I had first hoped and planned and believe me I have worked sooooooo hard to get into the mental mindset of positivity I am now and it wasn't easy but maybe law of attraction is very real and we attract what energy we put into the world. I always say if I can be remembered for my kind heart and as a positive role model I can rest happy and hopefully I can continue to achieving and make the world a little bit of a better place, protecting and saving lives but also inspiring people. 


Watch this space... 
We are stronger than we ever believe is possible and we have to keep reminding ourselves this on our bad days. 

THANK YOU for all the amazing support and love, you inspire me to keep motivated and battling through everyday. 







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