Above It All - Poem

August 18, 2018


Watch that girl, 

As she does a little twirl, 

You thought she would fall, 

Now she stands so tall,

Still in pain, 


She handles the strain, 

She no longer shelters from the rain, 

She knows the strength she can gain, 

From facing the fear, 

Being open and shedding a tear, 

I get up everyday, 

Trying to add sparkle in any possible way, 

Leaving footprints, 

Fate hints, 

This journey is making me stronger in more ways I can explain, 

Dark thoughts can be a massive strain, 

They bring so much pain, 

You are still perfectly sane, 

Questioning yourself and your fight, 

Can I make it through the night?

I scribble on the page, 


Word from the heart that will never age, 

I was here, 

My song you hear, 

To tell you all is okay, 

The game that we play, 

The love we gain and the love we lose flies away, 

Touched in a special way, 

Take the pen, 

Effort is ten out of ten, 

She may be bed, 

It isn't in her head, 


A star, 

Many will always see from afar, 

Making a difference in ways unseen, 

Here I have been,

I may be on your screen,

The impact to your eyes often unseen,  

I have felt heart ache and pain, 

I chose to dance in the rain, 

For the rollercoaster ride, 

I have to do without you be my side, 

You see her smile,


You haven't seen her in a while, 

What a glow, 

Your strength on show, 


This is me, 

I have and continue to be the best person I can possibly be,

I hope to inspire, 

From learning and exploring I will never retire, 

She was a girl, 

That stood tall and in front of your eyes she would twirl, 

Shaking off fear, 

Not scared to shed a tear, 

She gave her heart, 

She broke into pieces and fell apart, 

She grow stronger and became more than she ever believed she could be, 

That girl is me. 











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