Lancashire Evening Post - Diversity Awards

September 10, 2018


 Well, it was a shock to see such a large photo of myself in the Lancashire Evening post today but I am so very thankful. As you all know I am so ecstatic and excited about the Diversity Awards on Friday and I can't believe how close they are now. BUZZING. It was amazing to be recognised by the Lancashire Evening Post as being a positive role model and highlighting all the work I do to raise awareness but also how I have made it my mission to still live life to the full and push myself outside my comfort zone. I can't wait to be in a room filled with inspiring and incredible people. 


We all face negative circumstances and we can either allow them to over-shadow ours lives and allow the grief, hurt and pain take control of our lives or we can create light out of the darkness. 


Its not always easy - not at all. 


When you are out with family and friends, eat all you shouldn't that race home to sleep off the pain and sickness, waking up in the morning as if you enjoyed a heavy night drinking. There are blanks and lost time in your memories about the night before. 


You tire quickly and hit a brick wall where you simply CANNOT take ANYMORE. You can no longer keep functioning or 'act' like a normal person. 


You walk into things and lose your balance like you are drunk. 


You lose your sight and hearing when you get up. 


You feel hungover EVERY MORNING


You replace words because you have forgotten what you were saying and your mind goes blank. 




We can laugh, we can still achieve, make a difference and prove people wrong. 


YES we should be in our beds, 'resting up' but what good is that doing. It does nothing for our mental health and we are allowing our ill health to define our lives. We are worth more and deserve more than that. 


My circumstances - I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy but I am so grateful and thankful for all the incredible experiences , amazing opportunities, extreme strength, courage and self-confidence they have given me. 


Without the pain, the endless rain, the sadness and negativity, I wouldn't have had to fight myself out of the darkness and find the light. Being pushed made me realise the purpose to my life, my courage, what REALLY matters and learn skills I never believed I would interest me. 


I have faced fears and drilled holes through walls that have been built so high, so I can explore the other-side. 



My mission is to bring about change and my passion is to empower, enrich, protect and save lives. It makes my pain justified and I can rest happy that  I didn't just sit back and stay silent.


It was great to receive a letter yesterday from my local MP Ben Wallace, pledging his full support to fighting for change for Lyme Disease and congratulating me on all my awareness work.  His backing is so important and vital, I am so grateful to him for all the work he does behind closed doors for me. 


I think it is also SO important to say a BIG thank you to Aasma Day and the Lancashire Evening Post for doing such a show-stopping piece in the health section about my work, Lyme Disease and my mission to be the best person I can be and make my life purposeful. 


Don't forget to grab a copy and take a read  - page 16


Tomorrow is the day when little old Sophie's Lyme story and life is being acted out for Japan's Astonishing New Channel tomorrow at 9pm-11pm Japanese time. Unfortunately it won't be available over other media outlets so that everyone can view it but hopefully it will get a lot of viewers and really raise a lot of awareness about the disease over in their country. 

It was an amazing opportunity to film & do the interview.


Another busy week ahead and as always THANK YOU for all the love and support. 










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