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October 12, 2018


So.. I haven’t been keeping up with my posts as I believed I would or would be able to. 


I miss it, of course I do. I just wish there was more hours in the day and most importantly I wish I had the energies to keep buzzing and working. 


Maybe I was a little optimistic, forgetting all about my health issues and barriers. I still have the mind of the swimmer in working force. I believe and expect myself to be able to do everything. I always want to give 100 per cent into everything I take on and carry out and of course this trip has been very full on. Very. Now, I knew this would be the case before we kicked off the tour but I still believed I could keep juggling and working through everything.


To a certain extent I have managed to keep up my emails, Instagram, private messages and done bits and pieces of my blog here and there but sometimes exhaustion is just so great my brain can’t function enough to keep on going. We get very little down time and the down time we do get we are so exhausted we try to sleep. 


That said, the trip has been very eye opening and interesting. I’ve learnt so much and I will cover that in more detail once I am back home. We still have until Wednesday here and so I need to re-charge my batteries as much as I can as I am flashing on low. Run down with a cold and battling food intolerance reactions on top of full pack days and socialising is a lot. 


I always try to keep all informed, answer messages so people know I am still there for them and show my journey. I feel that is incrediblely important and I don’t want that part of my work to slip. Seeing me being pro-active inspires others and that’s what I hope from the work I do. 


We are now in our final country of the trip Italy - the home of pizzas ( my favourite food) so this is a hard part of the trip for me.. as my greedy eyes look in envy at everyone else’s plates. 


On the plus side at least I am always in a sober state of mind.. I can’t risk feeling any worse when we have to kick start the day early and have late feelings. 



Once I am home I will go through all the finding, stories and adventures that have come out of this fab tour. 


Cheers to a blessed weekend. 









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