Wandering Eyes - Poem

October 21, 2018



Wandering eyes, 

Can you hear my cries, 

I walk the halls at night, 

My dreams never out of sight, 

I plan ahead, 

I rarely rest my head, 

The hills far away, 

I can't keep my emotions at bay, 

I push away the covers and pull myself to life, 

Feeling like I have been stabbed with a knife, 

The room is spinning, 

The disease is winning, 

I can't see you now, 

Stop this - but how?

Dreaming of a better tomorrow, 

Wipe away all the sorrow, 

For today is what you make of it you see, 

A choice to be sad or happy, 

We can't change fate, 

We can only be a mate, 

Holding on to faith it seems, 

Hoping we can still achieve our dreams, 

Nightmares come and go, 

My true feelings rarely do show, 

We cry to comfort our dying soul, 

The pain really does take its toll, 

The love from me you stole, 

With the waves I have to learn to roll, 

My heart is here, 

Your choice to disappear, 

I choice to stand up and fight, 

With all my love and might, 

I have walked away and built myself up once more, 

I know I deserve more, 

The tears have been shed, 

I have felt crazy in the head, 


With fate's card I have been dealing, 

The war is not over and never will be, 

I will always try to be the best person I can be, 

Watch from the side, 

Or join the ride, 

No matter what you choose I will still walk on, 

Catch me before I have gone, 

I weep, 

Your secrets I will keep, 

Nightmares in my sleep, 

Falling to the fall in a heap, 

A fighter at heart, 

You watch me fall apart, 

The rise far stronger than ever before, 

I am one mystery I know you crave to explore. 









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