100 YEARS -Poem

November 11, 2018


 100 YEARS.


100 years, 

We come together and look back over those tragic years, 

Our boys went out and faced their fears, 

Their bravery and suffering brings us all to tears, 


1914 the War to end all wars had begun, 

A fight we thought would be easily won, 

But underlying issues that had bubbled under the surface for years, 

Would now begin bringing all of Europe to tears, 


1915 with no end in sight, 

Despite all of our men fighting with such might, 

The gloom of the trenches as we dug in deep, 

No man getting any sleep,


1916 the battle of the Somme that would turn it all around, 

No-man's land lay dead without a sound, 

The shelling went on, 

So many men left our port and forever were gone, 


1917 and Passendale was another push, 

The British trying to get the American troops to the front with great rush, 

The men were tired with their morale low,

The war was so deadly and so slow, 


1918 with Russia out of the game, 

Troops were going insane, 

What a long drawn out slaughter this war had become to be, 

All we wanted was to be free,


We come back to now, 

We look around at how, 

The men fought so bravely and gave their lives without question to the fight for freedom, 

To keep our kingdom, 


We can not forget their strength, 

To go the extra length, 

We MUST be forever thankful to our boys for their protection

On reflection, 


This can never happen again and we must learn, 

Before we re-ignite the fire and burn, 

History is a lesson we must listen to, 

If it is the only thing we do, 


Take a moment to ourselves to thank, 

The horrors our Tommy's went through to be frank, 

To give us the world we live in today, 

Thank you we must always say,



Our heroes - we will forever remember them.





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