Poetry -24

January 9, 2019


This time last year, 

I wanted nothing more than to simply disappear

The failure I had become was a constant fear, 

I didn’t know what lay here, 

As time went on,

I didn’t want time to be gone,

I had to start living for me,

The person I wanted to be,

I had to shake off the person I thought I would have become,

Embracing the new path with a welcome,

I learnt the art of gratitude,

That really is the attitude

Life is what we make of it, 

It never goes to plan - one bit, 

I began to gain knowledge and learn,

The fire inside me still did burn,

No illness could ever take that away, 

With life I decided to play,

To face fears,

I still shed many tears,

I realised that it is all part of the story by which we live,

It was important to forgive,

Espeically yourself. 

To be more at peace with myself, 

We have to chase dreams, 

No matter how crazy it all seems,

They keep us real, 

They heal, 

It was important to really be inspiring and not just say it,

On our backsides we can’t just sit,

We control our destiny’s and the story’s that are left to be told, 

We want them to be a bestseller as it’s sold, 

Tomorrow marks the end of the beginning you see,

The year I thought I had lost it all but I had really found me, 

To adding sparkle where I go, 

I just want you to know,

It’s a journey with no road signs in sight,

We give our best fight,

We only get one shot at this game,

So don’t go insane,

Despite your health we can be on top form for it all, 

Nobody has a crystal ball, 

So we have to live for now and make our mark, 

Looking back I hope I have started to make my mark,

Even when it is so dark I’ve learnt to see the light,

Always continuing to fight,

24 you have taught me so much about me,

I hope you are proud of the person you have shaped me to be, 

Finally thank you,

I have loved you!








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