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February 8, 2019






Wow.. literally, wow. Simon and I spoke about it before Christmas, about getting the supermarkets involved. Sending us samples to the Chorley FM studio we could try on air from their FreeFrom ranges to encourage other people to do the same but also just highlight how much FreeFrom food is out there. Allergies as well as chronic diseases are on the rise, globally. It is heart-breaking for so many of us when our diets feel limited, we watch our loved ones eat the food we wish we could still eat and we all know food is a massive part of our lives. This subject is so close to my own heart because of the difficulties I have when it comes to intolerances. Of course, I have spent the last few years really doing what I can to raise awareness on the subject. I have done a lot of cooking, a lot of shopping around and even written a few recipes books.  Any time let alone big celebrations makes sourcing foods that are similar to the originals more of a mission. I began with Simon highlighting chocolate alternatives, sweets and so on around Christmas time in hope that families would feel confident that if they did have children with allergies or intolerances that could EASILY access alternatives for them to enjoy. 


I also wanted to raise the point that often FreeFrom foods are so good you can't tell much of a difference. So, if you are cooking for a large group of people who have a number of requirements or simply you have someone who has an allergy/intolerance that wants you to eat what they are eating, it is doable and it isn't like eating cardboard ( as Simon thought it would be like.)


Like I say, Asda have really out-done themselves and have literally sent Simon and I the whole of their FreeFrom range, which we have taken bits and pieces from to try and left something for the other presenters to give a go because we want to encourage EVERYONE whether you have a intolerances, allergies or limited diet or not, it doesn't mean you won't enjoy these foods and you never know when you might have to cook or buy food for someone who DOES suffer. 


From the chocolate we sampled on air today we were VERY impressed, I can't wait to hear about how Simon's family get on with the samples he has take home and I can't wait to sample the ones I have brought back with me too. We will be speaking more about our 'tasting' next Friday and we hope we can raise more awareness on this subject and keep sampling brands to advise you all better too. 


Please get involved and share your feedback on FreeFrom foods, what you liked and HATED. Your feedback is greatly valued. 



Once again, THANK YOU ASDA, I thought Christmas had come VERY early when I saw all the bags be delivered today, we appreciate your kind hearts for allowing us to sample your range and appreciate the time and effort you have put in for us. 









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