Interview Fun- So Thankful.

March 7, 2019


Yesterday was a super duper exciting day. 


I was interviewed by the lovely Angie from America. It was the longest interview I have ever done, almost two hours long. I was exhausted afterwards. But loved it and I am so thankful to Angie for making me feel so at ease, being so positive about my book, asking amazing questions and just being like my soul sister. Our journeys have so many similarities and just goes to show that we all have our struggles but we aren’t alone and that is so important to know. 


With previous interviews I have done, you have music/ ad breaks. Which give you time to collect your thoughts and think of your answers. So, talking continuously was a mission for me. I didn’t want to stammer or give half hearted answers. Angie had kindly taken the time to read my book and prepare amazing questions. I wanted to give truthful and detailed answers and I hope I delivered those. Although, tiring it was so worthwhile and I am so grateful to all who have watched, listened and left such kind comments. They really do mean the world to me. It’s not always been easy to be open, raw and ‘real’. We are so used to hiding, wearing a mask and lying about how we are feeling, our battles and our symptoms that often we have run so far from the truth for so long. I really appreciate all the feedback and I am so pleased it was all supportive and positive. It really motivates me. 


I think a huge, HUGE thank you must go to Angie for being such a wonderful human, so knowledgeable & caring. We all need a dose of that kind of support. I am so grateful and honoured that you invited me for an interview and I hope we can do another one again in the future. 


Thank you.


You can watch the interview right now on my Facebook!

Talking about being thankful & blessed .. I am so lucky & excited to be celebrating International Women’s Day with Gilly and BBC radio Lancashire tomorrow. So, please tune in at 2pm and have a listen. 


& I am teasing on my social media’s about my next project, which I will be revealing tomorrow. I am so, so excited about this project. It is a touch of Sophie & I am hoping so many of you will love & enjoy what I will be revealing. Stay tuned!


I love to keep you on your toes!!








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