5 Things I Am Most Grateful For

April 12, 2019

In light of my latest podcast episode talking about gratitude. I thought I would take a few moments to share what I am most grateful for and encourage you to do the same. 



So here are my 5 things I am most grateful for:


1. Life: it seems silly but I am guilty throughout my life of being negative about my life and life in general. We have to appreciate how precious our time really is. We can't allow doom, gloom or negativity overwhelm all the positivity and light in the world. The world is FAR from perfect but if we try and add sparkle to our own little worlds then we are helping to brighten the lights around the world. 


2. Family: FAMILY a massive one. We all need our family's support in many different ways, through health, career goals, hobbies and for our own personal reasons. I am so lucky and grateful to have such a fabulous level of family support and I cherish them so very much. They add sparkle to our days and I have and continue to create the best memories with them. 


3. Friends: Friends are the people who lift you up, add colour to your grey skies and encourage you to keep blooming. They too help us make amazing memories we forever cherish. They help us with our work/life balance as we enjoy past times, hobbies and interests with one another. I AM THANKFUL TO ALL THE AMAZING PEOPLE in my life. 


4. Health: health is a hard one, we often get down and low about our health but we have to be thankful for the level of health we have now. Adapt and accept our circumstances to feel more at peace and choose to keep living as much as possible.


5. Ambition: Ambition is hard-wired into me. It keeps me focused, drives me and keeps me in a positive state of mind. Often it can lead to becoming over-worked and overwhelmed but it adds purpose to life, it helps our levels of self-worth and it gives meaning to the tougher days. 


I know there is so much more, to be grateful for. I feel these are probably most people's top five but please share if there are any in your top 5 list that aren't covered here. It really helps inspires others to begin focusing on the good that surrounds them which is so helpful when we are going through a dark / rough patch.


Listen now to the latest episode you can find the links on my Facebook and Twitter pages and most importantly enjoy. Remember to also give some love to the wonderful Andrea on her VOICE OF HOPE podcast channel. 


Love always,



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Life is too short not to live it to the full, making yourself happy.

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