Poetry Sunday - What A Week, In Poetry.

May 11, 2019


What a week, 

To your TV channel you had to tweak,

We danced the night away, 

Raising money for good causes is how we like to play,

I love you a lot,

In case you had forgot,

I have Lyme, 

But now is the time,

To light up the Blackpool tower as it glows green,

From afar the glow can be seen,

I went on the news to spread a message to you all, 

How this disease can cause you to fall, 

Bedridden and half of the person you used to be,

Trying so hard to be the best version of me,

I fight not for me,

To protect and save lives that live on beyond me,


To change attitudes and bring about change,

You can smirk and look at me strange,

Blair Waldorf my style inspiration from gossip girl,

Brightening up the day in my lime green skirt as I twirl, 

But I meant business you see,

I don’t want anyone having to go through the pain inside of me, 

My ‘Lyme’ crown I made myself because we all deserve to be a queen,

Are you surprised this week by what you have seen? 

I look fine you may say,

This is just one day,

The day I’ve found the strength to be strong for the world before me,

It isn’t always sunshine and roses you see,

Many tears are shed,

So hard to get out of bed,

It’s all in your head?

Don’t see red, 

We suffer in silence but fight to be heard,

To fly freely like a bird,

To soothe the pain,

That makes you go insane,

You cry in anger and the inner pain you try not to show,

I just want you to know,

The real battle we fight,

Day and night,


Read your newspapers & watch your TV,

The real pain in the fight you don’t really see,

But our message is clear,

We don’t want you or a loved one you hold dear,

Go through this hell,

So passionate about the fight - can’t you tell?

Thank you for your love, 

You are angels sent from above, 

You give me back the life, 

From my heart I can take back the knife, 

I regain myself and find my purpose once more,

Spreading the messsage to the world more and more, 

I can dance with you, 

Weathering any storm through, 

I don't fight for me anymore, 

The world whilst I can I want to explore, 

I fight for you, 

I don't need a thank you, 

Just to see people live, laugh and live pain free, 

Makes me happy.









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