Poetry Sunday - Full Moon

May 19, 2019


Full moon.



Full moon,

The brighteness fills your room,

It’s beauty in its glow,

The pain on your body it does not show,



The crawling, the drilling,

It is far from thrilling,

You want to run,

It isn’t fun,


You smile but it isn’t bright,

It’s haunts your night,

You are here,

But not all there,


You want to cry,

Fighting back and saying I’m fine but knowing it’s a lie,

You won’t show the pain,

People can’t see the strain,


They see you here,

They don’t know you want to disappear,

The see you work and keeping going,

Never seeing the struggle as you begin slowing,



They question you,

You feel guilty as you do,

Why can’t you keep up or handle the pain,

Why has life become such a strain,


Three, four hours is how long you can cope, 

People don’t see the after decline and slope,

Sometime we have to take a step back,

We hate feeling and seeing the flack,


Not worth the energy trying to explain,

You don’t want to moan about pain,

You want to be fun,

Out in the sun,


Not have to forward plan,

Of that many aren’t a fan,

To cancel on the day,

Feels you with guilty and sadness in every way, 


For the pain I feel now, 

I don’t know how?

I am pushing through,

For you ,



To not be defeated,

To not be beated,

To still have a life to live,

My pain I find hard to forgive,


The times I miss, 

The carefree bliss,

The ease, 

The want to always please,


The line is fine,

To a feast full of everything I’d love to dine,

For now I will cry alone, 

On about my pain I will try not to drone,


As the hours in the day with the ones we meet,

I don’t want to allow pain pushing me into a seat,

Having to miss out, 

Or leave early without a doubt,



The full moon is beautiful I do know, 

It’s dark side to you- it won’t show,

I need time to cope with the pain,

Allowing tears from my eyes fall like rain,


Sorry if I can’t keep up or move too far,

You won’t find me at the bar,

Not far from home praying to get out, 

Full with self-doubt, 



Full moon with all you glow,

I just want you to know,

You will bring me pain and hurt I know,

But you won’t defeat me - I want you to know. 











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