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May 21, 2019

It has been amazing to have interviewed and spoken to some AMAZING guests this awareness month. I feel so honoured and have really enjoyed talking to some amazing, inspiring role models. It is crazy to me how I have only been doing this podcast venture for seven weeks yet the response, the guests and the enjoyment from doing it all really warms my heart. I still don't think I am the best at interviewing. I still stammer, probably repeat words and I don't claim to be a professional. I only hope that I put my guests at ease, that they enjoy our interviews and feel positive about the amazing messages and stories they share with the listeners. The channel, although still very new, has helped me grow my confidence when it comes to talking in person online and over media channels. It is frightening having to be open and SPEAK. That sounds silly I know. I have done a few media interviews now, I speak all the time but anyone who suffers with confusion, migraines and brain fog will tell you how difficult it is to talk for long periods of time AND make sense. You don't want to appear, 'drunk', spaced out or silly. We want to be knowledgeable, understanding and ENTERTAINING. I want to put out content that doesn't just inspire but that people enjoy listening too. That is key. It means the world to me to see everyone enjoying the content and of course I am so honoured to have amazing guests come on. 




Awareness month isn't over JUST yet! We have a few more amazing episodes coming your way. Just yesterday I interviewed the talented Andrew McGuinness who was an absolute delight. Andrew shared his Lyme story but also more information about his book Anatomised & what inspired his writing. It was a real honour and I really did enjoy the interview. That interview will be coming your way Tuesday next week after the bank holiday weekend when we will all need a pick me up, Andrew will be a good dose of motivation. 


If you haven't listened already then please listen to the AMAZING Laura Brown on yesterday episode because she has some EXCITING new music coming out THIS FRIDAY. You don't want to miss out on some truly heart-felt pieces of music and Laura is so unbelievably talented. So head over to her website: , to pre-order her music TODAY. She is awesome and her story is incredibly motivating for us all. 


Tomorrow I have an EXTRA special and very raw episode. I never post on a Wednesday, I know. It is normally a Monday & Thursday but with the bank holiday weekend and for many it is a long weekend. I also have my 34 head injections tomorrow, so the weekend will be a struggle for me. I want people to listen to this important episode before the short holiday begins. I am very nervous about this episode as it does get very raw as we discuss touchy subjects. I wasn't feeling well at all at the time of recording but I think it added to the impact of the episode. The episode is Adam and I discussing how he has found awareness month and how much he has learnt about Lyme in such a short space of time. Talking about feeling unlovable and people not seeing past our health complications is upsetting to many. I am so grateful and thankful to Adam for all his support and recording this episode with me. I think and I truly hope that it will help restore people's faith that there is someone out there for everyone. We just have to keep hope in our hearts. The right person sees YOU not your illness and that is the important message of the episode. I know a few of you can't wait to hear this episode and what Adam and I have to say. You don't have to wait long! It will be out tomorrow. 


Saturday I will be publishing the lovely Amanda's interview about her music. Amanda is a Lyme Disease sufferer from America who is only young but is using her music to help her heal and regain confidence which I think is so inspiring for everyone. As we all do we want to take back our lives and still live!!

Towards the end of next week we also have a lovely lady from across the pond Erin, who is now a full time working model and feels as if she is pretty well healed from Lyme. She has taken her life back and I think it is important for people to see and hear about these role models to help you all realise you DESERVE AND SHOULD BE chasing our dreams. 

I have to personally thank all my amazing guests this month, WOW the month has gone quick and it has been so super duper manic. 

I hope this venture continues to grow and that everyone keeps enjoying! I am having a blast with it. 

I must also thank the wiz, who makes all the magic sparkle Adam Simpson, for writing my intro music and editing all my episodes. 






Tomorrow is head injections day, which is always a worry and why I am trying so hard to 'get all my ducks in a row', so then I still have content ready and I don't need to worry if I am in too much pain to write or do to much. I don't want to slack and as always I want to provide the highest level of  content possible. 



Thank you for your love and support and continue to enjoy. 




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