Poetry Sunday - Broken

June 2, 2019




In my heart, 

I am falling apart, 

The pain that is deep inside,

It is hard to push to one side,


Here now but gone tomorrow, 

You leave me with only sorrow, 

To let go, 

I want you to know, 


I fought because I did believe in the best

I never have time to rest, 

If it isn't pain here, 

The pain there which is still very near, 


Days are unpredictable and lonely in a hole, 

Feeling incomplete and less than whole, 

Searching for the dime, 

Never feeling it is your time, 


Wondering why we fight, 

Day and night, 

Knowing it is the only way, 

To leave our footprints in the sand and say, 


We were here, 

We loved our ones dear, 

We faced many fears, 

We experienced many tears


I am falling apart, 

But I still give my heart, 

The fight never ends, 

We lose but we gain many friends, 



We are hooked up and pumped with medicines, 

Feeling like we have committed a crime with so many sins, 

I have to work hard, 

My life I can't discard, 


It took a different path, 

You do the math, 

I may not be happy inside, 

I will still be at your side, 


A call and I am there, 

But where are you when I am in despair, 

Not allowed to be beaten you see, 

You don't really understand the pain within me,


The people I treasure,

It is always my pleasure,

To celebrate their shine,

As they do mine,


The clock is ticking as time moves on,

Blink and it has gone,

We can mourn what was and cherish what is,

Our past life we will forever miss,


Nobody wants a life of pain,

Gosh - it makes you insane,

Lost in the woods where it all goes dark,

Fighting so hard to regain your spark,


My heart already hurts - I can't take anymore,

The world you want to openly explore,

To learn and keep growing,

In the strength I hope to keep showing,


False promises cause damage that leave scars, 

We are all shooting for the stars, 

You can talk, 

You can walk, 



My guard is forever up and the walls are built high you see,

I try to protect me,

My stomach aches,

My skin itches and flakes,


My head burns and shocks me like electric,

All from one tick,

The four walls my prison which I try to escape,

My journey I try to document and tape,


Please give me time,

I know that time moves on and I can hear the clock chime,

I am adapting and fight every day,

Sometimes the things you say,


Cut through me like a knife,

It is a cruel existence of a life,

I cry alone in the dark,

To the public I smile with a spark,


Bring the sun not the rain,

Don't allow people to see the strain,

Help protect and save lives is the ultimate mission here,

Talk so they have to listen,


They don't see you scream in rage

Fighting to break free from the cage

To escape the body causing the pain, 

The thought just makes you feel insane


Write in words and face the cameras to speak

Don't allow them to think you are weak

Broken inside

We push our own fears and sadness to one side, 


The pain never leaves and there is no rest bite, 

From one tick bite, 

Please protect yourselves from this hell, 








Love always, 







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