Ashton Memorial Glows Green For Lyme

June 4, 2019


Wow, what a beautiful sight it was to see the Ashton Memorial at Williamson's Park in Lancaster glowing green. It will be glowing green ALL week. So if you are local and available, please pop down and see the green beauty for yourselves. It truly is so special. I am very thankful to the council for their support. 



We really are leaving our mark, spreading awareness and getting people talking about Lyme Disease. Councils across the U.K have really got behind the cause and are doing so much more to support us. Which of course we are incredibly grateful for. 




 Lyme Disease is a growing threat worldwide, and even just in the last few years alone, through hard work and the courage of sufferers we are speaking up and our voices are being heard. We are reaching the point where people are beginning to exercise the prevention methods religiously because they know the debilitating effects of just ONE TICK BITE can be. Of course, it is important to note that NOT ALL ticks are infected but that doesn't mean it 'won't happen to you.' It is important to be aware, educate yourselves and stay alert. 



Please tune in TONIGHT, on Freeview channel 7 to That's Lancashire TV, as the light up will be featured in the newsreel! The newsreel will run in a loop from 6pm-8am tomorrow morning. Also the local newspaper the Garstang Courier will be covering the story. I am SO thankful for everyone's support. It really warms my heart and motivates me on the HORRIBLE, terror days. I know people see me smiling and 'put together, ' but often it is far from the case. I am moody, emotional, pained and unpredictable a lot of the time. As the daily struggle of JUST GETTING THROUGH the day as well as managing symptoms, work and life gets extremely overwhelming. We all want to keep on top of our work load, still enjoy life and have a good sense of well-being. That control is more or less stripped away from you when you battle with a chronic illness. 


So, when I say your support, love and kind words mean the world. THEY REALLY DO. They inspire me, they motivate me and they keep me fighting. 


I may not work a 9-5 job and people may question, what I do, that I am lazy or not really 'that' poorly. Unfortunately I can't control my blood tests and medical finds. I do as much as I can possibly do and my fight isn't just for me. I do it to protect and save lives NOW and further down the line. Protecting, saving people from this hell and also helping people going through the same hell as I do. For me, makes the pain all worth while. Giving up isn't an option and I can't just lie down and not fight.


I will always remember, being out in a pub with friends. I went to the toilet and this woman followed me in. She asked me if I was poorly? Was I ok? I just said I was fine. I had a few health issues hear and there but generally I was ok. She said to me I was very poorly and she was worried. I excused myself but it stayed with me. As she followed me out and sat back at her table. I left feeling uneasy about what had just happened. A week later I travelled down South and received my Lyme diagnosis. Where my consultant said I was very poorly, he couldn't believe I had made the five hour journey down to him and was still sat in front of him. That's when it all hit home. 




For so long and still now I live with the guilt of feeling lazy or not doing enough. Kicking myself that I need to do more. My work is my life-line and the amazing supports, friends, family, media, councils and fellow sufferers is what keeps my heart pumping. THANK YOU. It is a process. 


All in all, I hope you enjoy the amazing pictures and if you can pop down and see the memorial with it's new green glow please do! 

A big THANK YOU once again - we keep fighting and changing the world. 



Love always, 




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