My Thank You To Kirkham Grammar - Lyme Fundraiser

June 26, 2019



I may feel terrible and aching like crazy but my heart is warm after having a fab afternoon yesterday. I went back to Kirkham Grammar School to support their Lyme fundraiser yesterday, that constituted of sales of sweet treats, baked goods and a day full of fun sporting activities. It was such an amazing vibe. Especially when personally life is hard and health complications are serious problem, we have to remind ourselves of WHY we fight for life. It meant so much to me that Kirkham felt Lyme was a worthwhile cause to back and support. As many of you know Lyme is still widely unknown and dismissed world wide. It doesn't have the support behind it like many other diseases and illnesses. So for Kirkham to go above and beyond for me and the cause - means more than words can ever explain and I am just so amazingly grateful. 


To see people, friends, family members, teachers and people who are key figures in our lives come together to support one another whether it's in our personal lives, health or careers is truly heart-warming. You realise you are not alone, and you shouldn't ever feel alone. We have to have courage to find our voice, speak out, let people in and reach out for help. We all have our own stories to tell, struggles we battle through and tough periods in our lives. We have to keep our kind hearts and regardless of how you personally feel - kindness costs nothing at all but can make the world of difference not just to your personally but to other's around you. Finding strength to smile and show kindness instantly makes you a stronger person  and with that strength you can build on fighting whatever challenges are thrown your way. Fears become silly barriers to us and we grow in strength so that we can find the courage to conquer the pain and fears we face. 


Support is a life-line to all. We can't function without it and life becomes pointless if it was non-existent. Always give your support to everyone, even if it's just a smile, you can make someone's day. A quick 2 second text message to let someone know you are there for them. Buying a £1 bag of sweets where the proceeds go to charity. Picking a fun activity to take on and raise money whilst having fun. We can all do our bit and make a HUGE difference. 


I thank KIRKHAM GRAMMAR so much, I love going back and TRULY your kindness has really made my week. I had such an amazing afternoon and it was so lovely to soak up the positivity, joy and fun from the afternoon. THANK YOU. 


Remember SUPPORT, I inspire you all to reach out and offer someone support today. Whether it is a bigger gesture of taking someone out for coffee, or the smallest gesture of a quick text/smile. It all makes a MASSIVE difference and for someone going through a rough patch, it restores their faith and gives them the hope to keep fighting on. 


Thank you!




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