Poetry Sunday

July 21, 2019


In A Blink It Could All Be Gone


My body is breaking down, 

I am a ghost in this town, 

I shake in pain, 

It's sunny outside but I only see rain, 

People don't see the strain, 

They don't see how you are going insane, 

They see the painted smile

But it has been a while,  

I will pour a drink, 

To give you time to think

About what I am about to say, 

But deep down I know it falls on deaf ears today, 

I don't need you to fully understand but just to listen here, 

I don't want to shed a tear

For life is limited we all know that, 

I have often been treated like a doormat, 

Not now - I simply can't you see, 

I am dying inside of me, 

From the inside out

The strain is showing without a doubt

We get up and go, 

The real pain - we rarely show

We suffer in the dark

We slowly begin to lose our spark, 

As we fail, 

To find the Holy Grail, 

In two minds whether to give up or fight, 

Trying to keep goals in sight, 

We read the messages from loved ones to warm the heart, 

But deep down inside we are falling apart

Craving to leave a legacy & to be remembered for the good in me, 

Feeling as if I am running out of time you see, 

Wondering what is best, 

Trying to rest

My mind runs away with me, 

For everything I wanted life to be, 

Have I let myself down?

Did I too often frown, 

Not be positive and bounce back the same, 

I hate this game, 

I can be moody and hard to handle

Always wrapped up in a pain scandal, 

Maybe you see the girl in the red dress, 

Trying hard to impress, 

Fit in, 

The battle that she is trying to win, 

Doesn't show, 

All she does is glow

That is what we dream

To show a smile that really does beam, 

Not be laid in bed, 

Going insane in the head, 

Listening to the negative judgements made, 

My body with theirs I would happily trade, 

To life so free

How happy that would make me, 

Take a drink and travel the world without a care, 

Facing the fears that scare, 

I do that everyday, 

I know you don't understand - you don't have to say, 

Just hold your loved ones near, 

As they may just disappear,

Nothing is a given, 

So all must be forgiven

Before time runs out, 

I don't have all the answers for what life is all about, 

I only know time is precious and can't be wasted you see, 

Am I losing me?

I promise to do the best I can, 

To be remembered as the best human, 

I hold on, 

But blink and it could all be gone. 






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