The Power Of Going Plant-Based

August 2, 2019

Thinking of going plant-based this year? 


You will always get the label that you are eating like a rabbit. Just fruit and vegetables. It isn't the case. They are essential and should be a major must in our diets. Often they are neglected as our eyes are stomach's are drawn to the sugary, processed options. 


A lot of people think it is extremely difficult to fall in love with fruit and veg, they are the last things that are left on everyone's plates. People don't often realise the massive role they play in keeping our bodies fighting fit. It isn't about be fussy or a picky eater. Demonising processed and starchy foods isn't the case either. We all love a cheat, we all love a treat or two and that is good too. 


Although each fruit or vegetable has its own set of nutrients that makes it unique and beneficial to mankind, there are a few common nutrients that most of these fruits and vegetables contain. Therefore, here is the list of some of the most essential nutrients provided by fruits and vegetables that are highly needed by your body.

  • Iron

  • Calcium

  • Vitamins

  • Fiber

  • Folate

  • Protein

  • Magnesium

  • Potassium

  • Sodium

  • Phytonutrients

  • Antioxidants

Here are a few fruit and veg that if you knew their benefits you may be willing to add to your diets:

An Apple

The proverb saying, “An apple a day keeps a doctor away” is justified as this nutrient-packed fruit has many health benefits. Here are the top 5 benefits of eating apple.

  • Boosts digestive system

  • Controls diabetes

  • Good for your heart

  • Improves cognitive functioning


I personally love the grapes and you will too after knowing its health benefits. Therefore, here are 5 most important of them.

  • Regulates your blood pressure

  • Reduces the problem of constipation

  • Treats asthma

  • Strengthen your bones

  • Prevent cavities


Many individuals run away from eating papaya but trust me you will love it after knowing its health benefits. It is extremely juicy and great for your system.

  • Boosts your digestive system

  • Eases menstrual pain

  • Fights inflammation

  • Prevents diabetes

  • Protection against skin damages


If you have deficiency of vitamin and manganese in body then start eating pineapples from today. Well yes, pineapples have many health benefits and top 5 of them are mentioned below.

  • Protects your heart

  • Relieves you of asthma

  • Lowers cancer risk

  • Improves bone health

  • Improves the digestive system



With highly cultivated in China, peaches are symbolic of immortality and longevity. It is a summer fruit that has many health benefits. 5 of which are mentioned here.

  • Good for digestion

  • Strengthens your nervous system

  • Detoxifies your body

  • Improves cellular health

  • Treats blood stasis


I love berries specially the black ones. They are delicious to taste as well as contains various nutrients that can help your body fight several diseases. Here are top 5 health benefits of berries.

  • Regulates blood glucose and insulin levels

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Fights oxidative stress

  • Good for your brain

  • Protects your heart


Belonging to the cabbage family, broccoli is another superfood that you cannot afford to miss. You may eat it raw, steamed or boiled to get its medicinal benefits.

  • Good for your bones

  • Cure allergies

  • Improves eyes

  • Treats diabetes

  • Good for your heart

Sweet potato

Sweet potato also known as yam is a tuberous crop with lobed or heart shaped leaves. Available in various colors of red, purple, pale yellow, white, sweet potato is highly nutritious and has many health benefits.

  • Promotes healthy weight gain (favourable for skinny people)

  • Treats bronchitis

  • Prevents dehydration

  • Relieves you of HIV virus infection

  • Heals stress and keep you relaxed


Loaded with fiber and potassium, eggplants are a common item in every household. Although technically a fruit, it is used as a vegetable in our daily lifestyle. The health benefits of eggplants are many out of which here I have mentioned 5 of them.

  • Controls high cholesterol levels

  • Prevents anemia

  • Birth defect prevention

  • Good for throat problems

  • Treats stomach issues


Lettuce contains calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamins, dietary fiber etc. all of which are extremely beneficial for human body. Therefore, lettuce has many health benefits and you must definitely try it.

  • Protects neuronal cells

  • Improves body metabolism

  • Treats insomnia

  • Controls anxiety

  • Reduces the risk of breast cancer


This root vegetable is extremely healthy and belongs to the “chenopodiaceae” family. It is rich in vitamins, iron, fiber, copper, phosphorous etc that resolves many health issues faced by an individual.

  • Controls high blood pressure

  • Fights inflammation

  • Boosts your energy levels and improves performance

  • Treats gallbladder disorders

  • Prevent cataract

There are of course MANY more fruit and vegetables that have SO many great nutrients. I think people forget how powerful fruit and veg are in combatting health problems. We are all quick to pop an over-the counter vitamin tablet but why aren't we so keen in trying to get our vitamin from the core sources? We can easily begin adding in more fruit and veg into our diets and depending on the health problem you are suffering with you can tailor your diet to work best for you. There is never one diet that is right for everyone. We are all unique, all going through different things and it is important to work out what works for you. 


People often think cutting out meat or going vegan means they are making a healither choice and even though it is a good start, eating processed meat-alternatives, still buying ready meals and eating veggie junk food: burgers and so on isn't really making a positive change. Knowing the fruits ad vegetables, cooking from fresh. Picking better carbs that are less refined products is what it is all about. Cooking isn't a massive chore, it can be super enjoyable and it doesn't take hours to make great foods. We wouldn't have top chefs selling best selling books cooking up 15 minutes meals and so on if it wasn't possible. 


Learning to cook isn't difficult either, following step by step recipes and starting with simple recipes will make it a lot easier but making the shift will help you feel so much better and anyone suffering with a chronic illness, knowns that ALL we want is to feel better through natural methods if we can. Treating at home, so we can still live and enjoy life. It isn't a switch you can switch on and off when making big diet changes. Though after a short while I think people do begin to feel better and then it is easier to keep up the fresh cooking, using great, fresh products and we feel less swayed by processed alternatives. 


Make small changes and see how you feel I would be interested if people could share their own experiences with their diet & illness, how they learnt to cook, go to recipes and how eating more plant-based has helped you. I hope you find this post useful and help explains the benefits a little more. It is far more than just 'eating like a rabbit.'




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Feeling sluggish and rubbish when you have woken up? Get boosting up on bananas the more the better - they will help settle your stomach, boosting digestion, they are a mood enhancer, they will give you the energy you need and keep you full. Buy my book for banana receipe ideas.
Wake up every morning and ATLEAST have one glass of lemon water before doing anything else! Ideally try to drink a litre of water. The lemon wakes up your digestive system ready for the day and has great cleansing properties.
Check your dairy and meat intake - dairy can sit in your system for up to seven days unable to digest properly. Meaning other foods also get neglected and nurtients aren't absorbed properly and you feel extremely bloated. Go and smell your food bin, your stomach will be in that state. Rotting foods in your belly - hmm nice.
Bananas, Rice, Potatoes, Leafy Greens, Corn, Beans, Lentils etc PACK THEM IN GO MAD.
NEVER COUNT CALORIES - NEVER RESTRICT!! These restriction 'starvation' diets who tell you to only eat 500 calories a day then have a treat day - where you binge out and eat WAY too much, is simply messing up your metabolism and on your binge days yours body stores all the fat meaning you gain weight because it knows it is going to go back into starvation mode and needs to hold onto every little thing it can. HELLO WEIGHT GAIN. 

Life is too short not to live it to the full, making yourself happy.

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