Poem - Deep Within

September 7, 2019


Deep Within

I have found, 

My path on the ground, 

To inspire and empower, 

To embrace the inclosing rain shower, 

Add a touch of sparkle wherever you go, 

I want you to know, 

You are doing yourself proud, 

You can mute the sound, 

For people will always speak, 

Yourself you must never doubt or tweak, 

For what they see, 

Is a girl fighting to be free, 

Caged without a key, 

But deep down they gain inspiration from me, 

From the struggle and pain I choose to show, 

Harsh words are a low blow, 

Trying to knock that crown from your head, 

Self-doubt is a skin you must shed, 

Don't see red, 

Today you go out of bed, 

Wrote your soul to the world and broke down, 

People talk around town, 

The smiles are a smoke-screen, 

Where have you been? 

Lost in your own thoughts of gloom, 

People will always assume, 

Don't allow them to feed you, 

What they believe to be true, 

You know, 

The positivity to keep fighting you want to show, 

The pain deep inside, 

What a rollercoaster ride, 

Stay by me, 

If you want to see, 

I won't be you stay, 

I have come to peace with that fact let's just say, 

For my purpose I now know, 

To the world I must show, 

A girl that keep fighting strong, 

Even though the road is long, 

She stays true, 

Is strong for you, 

For she knows with life we only get one shot, 

You - she never forgot, 

Deep in her heart, 

You watch her fall apart, 

For she is still learning every day, 

To love herself in some way. 







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