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* Holland and Barrett

* Sainsbury's Free From

* Tesco's Free From

* Booths


Grab The Goodies


* Organic rice - black thai, sticky rice, brown, paealla etc

* Sweet potatoes

* Edamame Bean Pasta

*Corn pasta

*Be Free Wraps

* Corn & Rice lasagne sheets

*Coconut Flour

* Rice Flour

* Oats ( gluten free)

*Natures Path Rice Crispies


* Seaweed

* Tofu

* Edamame beans

* Leafy greens

* Peanut butter

* PB2 powder

* Nuts

* Green veggies

* Nut & soya milks

* Oats

* Sweet potatoes

* Nak'd bars ( nut & seed bars)


* Fresh veggies

* Fresh & frozen fruits

* Dried fruits

*Leafy greens

*Nut and seed bars

* Flax seeds

*Chia seeds


* Nuts

* Seeds 

* Flax seeds

* Chia seeds

*Coconut oil

* Soya butter

* Coconuts

Sweet Treats:

* Goodies Goodstuff Sweets

* Moo's Chocolate

*Plamil's Chocolate

*Free From Chocolate

*Mallows -Marshmallows

*Hotshot Choc Sauce

*Nak'd Bars

* Food Doctor bars

*Fruit Syrup Sweet Freedom


*Bioglan's SuperGreen Powers & Cacao

* Apple Cider Vinegar

* Turmeric Tablets

*Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets 

* B12 Spray and tablets

*Vitamin D tablets

* Papaya Tablets



Drop It In My Basket


Send your loved one a supportive mascot over the festive period. Remind them they never fight alone and will never be alone. 

There are thousands of patients who will be spending the festive period in hospital or will be bedbound. For me, this fact breaks my heart. I know and understand their pain and sadness of feeling isolated, scared and alone. My mission is to heal some hearts with a dose of motivation and love. By buying a bear you aren't only offering a mascot that offers strength and courage to your loved one but the price includes a donation to two charities close to my heart. 
-Lyme Disease UK who support Lyme Disease patients and carer's, as well as working closely with Government and the medical community to drive change. 

- Invisiyouth who support youths and young adults battling chronic illnesses find purpose and self-worth. 
As a Lyme Disease sufferer and campaigner myself who has battled with chronic illness for a decade now, I am fully aware of the pain, sadness and loneliness it all brings and I hope to help in anyway I can. '

How do I order?
Order through and press the ADD TO CART BUTTON. 

Select a bear.
Pay via Paypal . 
Add your mailing address, the colour you want your heart (lime green ( for Lyme), gold for Invisiyouth or if your receiver is just a golden star and the name of the lucky person receiving their 'BELIEVE-A- BEAR' gift. Each bear comes with it's own name and positive tagline for motivation.


Knowledge Is Power:
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