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My year of being 25 is almost over but before we enter into a new age ( literally) I thought it would be great to reflect on the lesson learnt from being 25. 

So here we go.. 

1. Don't entertain negativity! NO, you don't deserve it and you shouldn't stand for it. You deserve to be happy. Don't allow any negative influences pull you down. Recognise the negativity you are beginning to soak up and let go, walk away. DON'T carry the guilt of upsetting someone, or feeling like you have lost someone. Be strong and proud of yourself for knowing your worth and creating the vibe you want around you. 

2. True friends will love you no matter what and sometimes we have to weather the real storms to learn who we can really rely on. 

3. Inner beauty is worth far more than outer beauty. It never ages and it never fades. Illness can't change a kind heart - take great strength from the fact. 

4. When you let go of the worries, the world becomes brighter and more opportunities are presented. When you are carrying a lot of worry it is like walking in the rain! You have your head down and you just want to reach your destination. You aren't appreciating the sights, exploring your surrounding properly and you could be missing important things.

5. You are your strongest super-power. NOBODY CAN BE YOU. We may feel like rubbish but we should be feel proud of being ourselves.

6. Be real! It isn't a weakness to be real and raw. It allows people to relate to you.

7. Be kind. It costs NOTHING but is a huge life-line to so many. You may not have all the answers to people's problems but one smile, one hug could be the dose of medicine that person needed.

8. Be a cheerleader. Be proud of the successes of others. Celebrate wins and hard work. There isn't any reason to be purposely pulling people down, I truly don't know why people pull others down.

9. Shake off negative comments . If someone is being judgemental or negative towards you  - don't take it to heart. Their words often mirror THEIR LIFE AND INSECURITES, it isn't a true reflection on you.

10. Knowledge is  power. Aim to learn something new every single day!!

11. HELPING PEOPLE IS MY OXYGEN. It is what gives me focus, it is what gives me drive. I exercise it every day on the good and the bad days because it makes such a difference to my overall mental health too. 

12. Silence self-doubt! Recognise that it is there but then discard it for what it is DOUBT, not FACT!

13. You create YOUR OWN PATH! You DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW a set path you feel you MUST follow. It won't make you happy. 

14. YOU DESERVE HAPPINESS BUT REMEMBER HAPPINESS IS A JOURNEY NOT A DESTINATION. Not one fix that you may change will make you happy you have to look at your life as a whole and work hard every day IN improving all areas in a positive way for YOU. 

15. Don't place your happiness is the hands of others. YOU ARE RESONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN HAPPINESS!!

16. You are strong on your own. It isn't a weakness to be individual or a team of one. 

17. Value the friends you have. Check in with them, make a effort to ensure you are there supporting them all the way like you would want them to do for you. 

18. You deserve your dreams, this life is yours. It is good to have big dreams and goals. Don't allow others to tell you otherwise.  19. I was born with a business brain. I am learning that my slightly nuts, crazy, dreamer personality is for a reason. I CAN'T settle, I am always committed to make the most of everything including my work life and that means being in a line of work where there is growth, development and excitement. 

20. Your opinion of yourself is all that matters and I am trying every day to list 3 things positive about myself. To improve my own self-image and how I see myself. Because I am a chronic self-loather and this is a daily challenge for me. 

21. You are stronger than you ever did believe. I am always doubting myself, worrying how I will cope with things but I don't know why I worry because I have been to hell and back a number of times, I deal with unbearable pain everyday, unpredictable symptoms and my life is a constant battle but I am still here. I fight through it. It isn't always easy but I do it. 

22. Being the black sheep is hard. You are seen as the 'let down' the one who didn't fall into line. Rather than seeing this as a bad & negative thing be proud. Be proud of taking the difficult path, realising that your happiness IS IMPORTANT and that you want to create a life that signifies you. 

23. Life is for living. There is more to explore beyond your front door. There are memories to be made, places to visit, people to meet and so on. You can't allow anything cage you in or stop you from living. Otherwise you will look back with a truck load of regrets. 

24. Remind yourself of your WHY every day - this reminds you of your purpose and focus. It gives you the motivation you need to take on the day. For examples:

I need to work on my business today, WHY? Because I want to help others get on a plane and begin heading to amazing destinations, making memories to last a lifetime. I want to reach the point where I can be travelling far more often as well. 

I need to keep showing up on my stories on Insta! WHY? It pushes me outside of my comfort zone. It is the best way to talk about my work. Make myself relatable. 

I need to write out my content for Instagram today. WHY? Because it is the platform I use to be add value, be real, share my journey and help others. I have committed to a post schedule that I need to stick too because people are ready for my post each day. 

I have a reason to fight, get up and take on the day. 

25. TIME IS PRECIOUS. YOU CAN'T PAUSE, REWIND OR REPLAY. Live in the now, be present, make memories, value your own time and other's too.

26 - I won't lie, I am nervous but I am excited by what 26 has in store... 


Let me know if any of the above lessons are lessons you have learnt for yourself over the past year. Are there any lessons you want to learn going into the New Year? Let me know. 

Love always, 




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