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26 things I want to introduce into life as a 26 year old!

I thought it would be a little fun to try and do some manifesting. Things don't happen overnight we know that but it is also important to know what we want, focus on how to achieve our goals, putting action behind them and having the correct mindset. 

It is easier to break them down, think them over, rather than having a head full of dreams and not knowing where to begin. 

1. I want to parallel my business to a whole new level. I have so many goals and dreams. For myself I want to work hard and achieve them. 

2. Dedicating 30 minutes a day to self-development. Until starting up my travel business, I didn't realise the importance of self-development and how much I had been neglecting myself. It has helped me so much in the last couple of months, rebuild my self-worth and gain some confidence. 

3. Making more memories - memories are priceless. You really can't put a price tag on them. Life is short, life is precious and you should cherish everyone in your life. I want to get out there more, do more, experience more and build up the memory bank. 

4. Spend time with the friends that give YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT back. 

5. I want to aim to work hard now, build up a legacy and a business that eventually will become easier to manage over time. This can only be achieved with dedication, hard work ad commitment NOW

6.  Doing more of what I fancy. What do I mean by this? Well over-thinking and fear have stopped me in my tracks for so long. I want to put a stop to this. I want to live for the moment, live for now and do things I enjoy. My life was full of routines and daily tasks I felt I NEEDED to do, but didn't really WANT to do. 

7. Check in with someone everyday, whether it is a friend, family member or loved one. Chronic illness is isolating, VERY isolating. So, just having that message or phone call from someone you care about an supports you goes a long way for your mental health. 

8. Writing down a risk of the day, success of the day and positive self-talk. This helps you celebrate the wins, see your strength for yourself and pick yourself up. The more you speak positivity about yourself the healthier your self-worth becomes. 

9.  Let go of negativity.  Don't entertain it and don't allow toxic relationships pull you down. Know and realise you don't deserve to be pulled down and bounce back up. 

10. More 'me', realising that 'me' time is needed and shouldn't be seen as a part of the day and time we feel guilty about taking time out to re-charge and have sometime for ourselves. 

11. Rest periods. They scare me because the worry of not bouncing back is very real but I need to be savvy and allow myself time to check out, go offline, chill the brain and take five minutes. 

12. Recognise self-doubt and silence it before it take hold. This is a tough one, but I am committed to working at it silencing as much self-doubt as possible. 

13. Manage my time better. I want to put more hours in now so in the future I can back off a little. My health is unpredictable. The future is scary and I work hard everyday to build up a structure that will support me when maybe I am unable to pour my energy and work in. 

14. An hour NO PHONE BUILT IN WITHIN THE DAY.  Just time to chill. Not always checking the emails. replying to comments, writing out deals, figuring out my next move. JUST SWITCHING OFF

15. Being present. Being in the room. Not thinking too far into the future, because we can't predict what it has in store and we shouldn't worry about the past because we can't change it. All we have is the now. We need to cherish it. 

16. Do more. I don't mean work wise, I don't mean day-to-day, I mean socialising, enjoying life, enjoying the people. We are often stuck in a whirlwind of manic'ness and rarely 'here' for the current moment we are in. I want to do more of what brings me joy and happiness. 

17. Write down three things I am grateful for everyday. Big or small it all counts. 

18. Realise that I do deserve happiness and to give myself a break. 

19. Make peace - make peace with my health, with my past, with my hurt. Yes, the scars may never heal but re-living the pain, holding on to it is causing far more agony that needed. 

20. Do something that makes me smile everyday. To remind myself life and world can be filled with happiness. 

21. More family time! I want more family memories for the bank. This is very important to me. 

22. If my heart and gut say YES go with it, don't allow my mind to tell me no. 

23. Travel more and be in the sun  to help my health.

24. Help other's in any way shape or form. Whether it is booking them their dream holiday, training them up to have their own business, being a friend to them, checking in, making memories with them ANYTHING.

25. Touch people in my own way that leaves a mark. So that, whatever happens I am not forgotten.

26. Recognise that being ME, is enough

I hope you enjoy this post and it makes you think about what you want to add into your life this year. I am sure you can come up with lots. It is often easier to write them down so you can refer back to them.You can hold yourself accountable for goals you have set yourself. You are the key to your own happiness it is up to use to make the changes and stick to our word. 

Love always, 




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