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As I look over the garden from our study.

I question how we got here. How are we are lockdown?

How has a such a manic world fallen silent over-night.

At first we feel anger. We feel let down, sad, lost - the fog of the unknown overwhelms us and we feel as if we are sinking. 

As the time goes on, we begin to adjust, we begin ( like we always do ) come together to make the best of the cards that are dealt to us. We cry out the negative feelings and begin building on the positives, using gratitude like our religion to rebuild our faith. 

I am not saying I feel on top of the world. Like you, I am still adjusting and finding this the hardest thing in the world. This year was supposed to be the year of flying away and now we aren't just grounded but those walls are deadly in the way they trap us in. My heart breaks every time I think about plans that have fallen apart, dreams that we have had to put on pause and the goals that feel a little further out of reach. The unknown when the play button will be allowed to be pressed. 

What is worst. We all know that our lives are currently on PAUSE, but time doesn't have a pause, rewind or replay button. Only PLAY.. it keeps moving. That is the scary fact, we all know. 

I feel like I have lost most of 20s to health problems,  I wanted to fight back take control back. Begin living life, not just surviving. Like we all do, we all know how precious life is & we all have BIG dreams. But maybe this time is kicking us in touch to be grateful for the smaller things & the people in our lives that make our days sparkle.

We have all been stopped in our tracks. 

The fear eating us on the inside and panic showing on the outside. 

How can we wrap our heads around this, making the best of the situation? 

1) Routines:

They are key to keeping focus, not allowing self-doubt sneak in  & find you questioning yourself. 

If you have a piece of paper jot down your ideal routine and follow it. Ensuring it has balance.


-wake up ( roughly the same time daily)



-socialising & checking-in

-work & (content creating) - for me

-cup of tea


-mindful activities: baking, cooking, sewing, drawing, colouring, puzzles. 

-coffee/tea break

- content posted and socialising on social media

-break & bath

-emails and socialising on social media ( swap this in for games with friends and family/reading )


-watch a TV programme


Keep yourself accountable. 

2) Accountable for our gratitude:

Whether it is first thing in the morning or in the evening jot down 3 things you are grateful for. 


-family & friends

- the sun

-fresh food

3) Host family zoom call:

Arrange a time and host a zoom meeting, that uses video for all your family and friends to jump on and see one another, natter & enjoy each other's company. You can talk and host a meeting for 40 mins free per meeting. 


When a negative thought or feeling creeps in, override it with a positive to silence it & not allow it to eat away at you. How do you do this? You need to be emotionally checked in. 

Write down all your negative feelings / thoughts you are going through. 


I am trapped

Recognise the feelings that thought brings:




And then think of the good you have around you:


-the power of video

-the sun shining

-you fave TV shows 

It can be anything!

Then think of the emotions they bring:




Start & exercise those thoughts & feelings to lift you up. 

The situation then becomes a lighter load. 

5) Eat well!

We all need to keep our immune system strong & how do we do this? 



When we all have more time to prepare food from fresh, there isn't an excuse not too.