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Being a cheerleader to me is a no brainer. 

We live in a world full of judgements. A world full of people actively going out of their way to pull others down, bully people and upset people it makes me feel extremely angry and sick to my stomach. I have been on that end of things. Having harsh words spoken to me that cut like knives and leave scars that never truly heal. 

So, I feel pain. I get it. I understand it. I have been there. For me, I get up everyday with the sole purpose of helping people. Whether that is in business, making people smile, making people life, re-aligning their mindsets, setting goals. We should all be actively adding sparkle into people's lives. 

Life is too short. 

We can't be perfect and we can't always be the same because we are unique and that is a huge selling point NOT a negative. 

Just taking a short period of time in your day to check in with yourself and other's is key. What I struggle with is being my own cheerleader. It is something I really do struggle with. I can celebrate other people's achievements all day long - LOVE IT. But when it comes to myself, I allow negativity to taint achievements. I allow ONE harsh comment override 100 amazing comments. I rarely take my own advice. Through recent months I really have been actively working on self-development. Realising that I have MORE control over the negative influences than I believed I did. Don't get me wrong, I can't control what words other's speak. I can't change everyone and their mindsets. But as long as I am doing the best I can THAT IS THE EVIDENCE needed to prove the lack of 'fact' that empty words and judgements carry. When you change your mindset about negativity, you are able to see it for what it is - A WASTE OF TIME AND A DRAIN.

At first, it was like fight mode. I would get defensive, trying to explain myself, my achievements and WHY they were positive. But often, I was draining myself. Wasting energy that could be used in a far more positive way. As even explaining myself was falling on deaf ears. I failed to see that harsh judgements often come from a place of jealous or from people who are hurting inside and just used you as a way to vent. It made me feel sorry for the people I used to feel anger towards. So, at first I would try to help them, try to make changes to brighten up their outlook in hope it would stop them giving out negativity into the world. Often or not it was draining me, I am not a miracle worker. People have to want to brighten up their days. You can't brighten them all the time for them.

So, what is my outlook now?

I still want to help these people in hope that we can stop cyberbullying, bullying, self-loathing, negative talk and overall negativity where-ever possible. BUT I am realising that leading by example is key. Keep being you. Keeping shining bright. Keep working hard. Keep your focus. Positivity is infectious and the more you focus on the good and turn up the volume the quieter the negatives become. The people then begin to wake up. They see you thriving, living, laughing and glowing and want a slice of that pie. Then they begin to dig deep. Often reaching out for help and advice. Once they are willing to change, they often then reach out asking for advice. It is the most rewarding thing EVER to see someone change and blossom into a positive person, who becomes a dear friends. You can't go changing people's DNA and that is why sometimes we lose friends or people walk out of our lives.     I used to mourn the people that left, feel awful and blame myself. It was so wrong. Because I never lot sight of the person  wanted to become, the people I wanted around me and now I have amazing, INSPIRING, empowering and great people around me who add SO much to my life. 

Going into the weekend, have a real think. Are you a cheerleader? Are you being as supportive as you can be? BUT are you cheering yourself on too? Are you being held back, brought down by negative influences. If you are, then you need to be putting steps in place or making changes to eliminate these out of your life BECAUSE you DON'T deserve them! Don't cling onto things, people, circumstances or situations that are feeding your insecurities, judging you, doubting you. It's UPSETTING to lose people but they are taking up space in your world that could be taken by someone who lifts you up. People are in different life arenas. Just because you are similar ages, suffer with the same illness, live in the same area doesn't always mean mentally and physically you are in the same stage in life. Our journeys are all unique and move at different speeds. 

Moving through into next week, start celebrating successes in every day. Start spending time with people that give you that 'good factor' feeling. Make memories with the people who make your days. Realise what makes YOU happy, what adds sparkle in your lives, so then you can go on to help add sparkle in the lives of others. 

We live and we learn. As long as every day we are dedicated and committed to be the best person possible, then we should be celebrating that! BIG TIME. 

I hope you have an amazing weekend, making big GAME CHANGING changes to brighten up your life. You deserve it!




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