We all go through the motions. Most of the time in a fog. Not really knowing where we are or what we are doing. There are so many factors that influence us, from judgements, health, family, circumstances, SELF-DOUBT

That is why surrounding yourself with positive, upbeat, go-getters is important. I know personally I suffer badly when it comes to self-doubt and judgements. You would think that my health would be the key factor but compared to judgements and self-doubt it seems so small. I am so bad at making decisions because my fears and insecurities are so loud. I have come on leaps and bounds in the last few months and I don't discredit the work I have put in and the progress I have made. However, I know I have a long way to go. So, why did I want to make this blog post today?

I feel you. I feel the funk you are currently in. Going through the motions. Surviving but not really living.  Feeling unhappy, unsatisfied in the line of work or job you are doing. To under confident to take the risk, realise your worth and feed your soul. 

No matter how strong some factors may seem decoding the opportunities and decisions in front of us is key. Writing pros and cons, asking for advice and reminding ourselves that we only get one shot of life is really helpful. It helps dull and silence the factors that seemed so loud before. 

I think we can list a few people, who have been with us through our journey. We value their advice and they are always there. When it comes to tough often life-changing choices, opportunities, risk and decisions. Before you can begin the destructive over-thinking it is a great idea to reach out to them. Ask for their honest opinions. What they really think and what would THEY do in your shoes. 

As I have improved my self-development, I am getting better at making decisions. I am not the best, and I have a long way to go, so many ways to improve. BUT I am able to see the visions, the positives over the negatives, I understand how precious time is, I value life a lot more and realise that tomorrow isn't a given. Although judgements hurt, they cut like knives AND at the time I do sit and allow them to overwhelm me BUT I am getting better at bouncing back. I don't allow them to stop me in my tracks, make me do a U-turn, question what I am doing, or alter myself as a person anymore. 

I have built up over A LONG TIME, a stronger inner self. I know my mission, I know my passion. I remind myself of them every morning BECAUSE they remind me of my purpose. THEY are my focus. Without those... we would be in a dark place.

I FULLY UNDERSTAND that health when we suffer with a chronic illness does feel like a life sentence. Where we are left feeling like we are trapped in a jail we can't escape from wondering what crime we committed to deserve this. I GET YOU, I feel you. We are allowed to mourn, to feel angry, to grieve it is a key part of the healing process BUT we have to bounce back. We have to make the best of it. 

You can use your health as a ticket to shut down, log off, go to sleep and give up. BUT truly that won't bring you happiness and the hours are terribly long when you are waiting for the key to unlock the door, the magic pill and the sun to shine. 

Unfortunately nothing in this world is ever handed to us. Patience is a virtue and hard work does pay off but nothing is given for free. Hard work, commitment and action has to be going on behind closed doors to get the results you want. FAD diets is a perfect example, there isn't any quick fixes in life. You may think you are on to a winner, when you try something with little to no work behind it, but it is never long lasting and I don't know about you but I have an EMPIRE TO BUILD and a LEGACY to leave that I want to be long lasting. 

Okay, okay. So I can tell some of you may be laughing at me right now. That is ok, that is the purpose of this post. I recognise and  acknowledge that people will think  I am crazy, have a screw loose or a little nuts but I won't allow those judgements stop me in my tracks anymore. 

As Monroe quoted, 'Madness is genius.'

I believe it is. 

So, when you look a your life are you going through the motions, just doing a job or are you building a career. Have you found the courage to stand up and take the plunge.. create the life YOU want not what other's want/ expect of you. 

You owe it to yourself, it is never easy. It isn't smooth sailing but in your heart and gut you always know and when you allow over-thinking, self-doubt and judgements kill your dreams, miss opportunities you have to live with the regret which often is harder and more painful than the judgements. 

Taking you own road, paving your way rather than staying within your comfort zone in the 'safe' mode isn't really what your heart is calling for. 

Yes when it comes to paving your own way you have to invest, it is commitment and it is hard work but if the passion is there then that the best form of rocket fuel you can have. 

So, what are the key differences between a job and a career?

Definition of Job

A task or activity performed by a person, as a part of regular employment to earn money is known as Job. The person who performs the job is known as an employee and the person for whom the job is performed is known as an employer. It involves mental or physical work or both. There is a fixed time for doing a job. Rights, duties, function