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It is another week in lockdown and I have been going crazy creating content OUTSIDE of my comfort zone in hope I can offer help, empowerment & a touch of fun. 

TIKTOK.. I am still no pro & I am not a confident dancer by any means but I am really trying to face my fears, learn & push myself outside of my comfort-zone. 


I am trying to have some fun with it & it's making me actually TRY & look alive for the camera. 

I have also been trying to create content for my Instagram! The iPhone timer feature becoming my life-line. I understand that during this time I need to keep showing up & up'ing my game & that means putting my confidence fears aside & just getting on in order to create content I want to provide.

My podcast! MY PODCAST. I won't lie, when I first sat down to create series 3 I felt a little lost. I didn't really know what direction I wanted to go in. Series 1 & 2 had been so successful in 2019 I wondered how I could up my game for 2020. I won't lie, I recorded all the episodes in series 3 twice. I simply wasn't happy the first time round. I wasn't on point. I needed to find myself, so that the words & advice flowed. I began mind-mapping the areas in my life I struggle & have struggled with the most. The areas I was able to share advice & my story on. This helped massively. The second time around I was able to open up & create relatable content. I am so excited to be entertaining you in this way during lockdown. I know so many of you are relying on podcasts to power you through your days and strolls. So, I hope each Monday I can bring hope & entertainment to you. I am so thrilled that my podcast has a 5 star rating on Apple Podcasts, THANK YOU1! This means the world to me. 

My blog. My blog is always from the heart. Like my journal but it is also a place I try to add a lot of tips and advice on. To give you food for thought. Redirect your mindset & with my poetry decode my words in which ever way you choose to read them. My blog is a part of my online work I treasure, because at the end of the day.. it is where it all began. 

I am hoping soon I will have more exciting news for you too. I have been using Instagram polls to work out how to support you guys through this challenging & upsetting time. Some of us feel overwhelmed. There so much to think about & do. Often we reach the point when it all gets too much & our bodies shut down. We close off from the world. We lack motivation & lose our direction. I feel you. I have been in that dark place. Many times! More than really I would like to admit to. 

Lockdown is a JOURNEY and experience for me as well. I know how precious this time is to really face the fears I dismiss, confront the feelings I neglect on a daily basis & work on myself rather than distracting myself with other aspects of life. This time right NOW, is a testing time. We all know life likes to test us. So, are we going to accept the test & look at this as GAME ON, or freeze, shut down & hope we wake up & everything is fine? It is a choice we are all facing right now. 

Often our minds are foggy & this causes us to freeze because we can't see a direction to go in. All the road signs have been taken down. The sat nav has frozen & we feel completely in the dark & completely lost. 

So, how do we re-gain control?

Re-gain motivation?

Re-discover a direction?

So pointers that may help you get started:

1. Routine! Create a routine you are happy with & stick to it. Make sure it is balanced, with a proper wake up time, get dressed routine, 3 meals a day, 20 minutes of exercise, mindfulness and bedtime, type set up. Very balanced. 

2. Look a new hobbies you want to take up that maybe you haven't due to not having the time. 

3. SOCIALISING! Make sure you dedicate 30 minutes to an hour a day where you socialise over the phone, through video, social media or with household members. 

4. Think about what YOU really want to work on. This is uncomfortable but this is where the real work begins. Example: self-confidence. Then write 3 actions that will help you build on that problem. Begin putting these actions into practice. It is SO difficult at first but over time you get better and more confidence in yourself to keep building. 

5. Plan, look to the future & think about what you are missing RIGHT NOW & what you want for the future. Create vision boards using newspapers / magazines OR use Pinterest. 

Remember, we are all in this together. Don't feel alone or like you are the only one struggling. Voice your worries, concerns & thoughts because we can all relate & help one another. 


I hope this post gives you a little bit of food for thought. I want you to go away from reading this with a fresh mindset that maybe you will change things up in your life in order to use this golden time to the best of your abilities. To rise stronger when the storm passes. 

REMEMBER, don't suffer in silence, don't feel alone REACH OUT.




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