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Happy 1st March...

A new month, fresh goals, different actions to achieve our dreams. 

But why should anew month be the start of dream chasing? 

We should all be chasing our dream HERE & NOW. The time is NOW! There isn't a perfect time. Tomorrow isn't a given. If you are sitting on an idea. Please! Take action. I have experienced it. Fate is savvy. If you don't take action on your idea, someone else will. 

So, let's go back to the drawing board.

I challenge you to pick up your pen, find a pad and write 3 things you WANT & MUST achieve this month. You must remind yourself of these every day. 

Underneath each goal you need to write three actions you are willing to take to achieve your goals. Remember words are empty without actions and we are go-getters and action takers. 

They can be simple things like getting up an hour earlier to answer extra messages or going to bed at 9pm sharp to ensure you are well rested so you can perform better. 

Whatever they be, make them clear.     Don't over-complicate things and be realistic. Don't be setting unrealistic goals but also don't set yourself goals that are easy, that don't push yourself outside of your comfort-zone. 

Next you need to write down what scares you about your goals & why?

So, for me as example would be judgements. 

Then I need to analyse how I am going to get over this. So, for me. I am going to do more videos, lives, and so on. THEY SCARE ME SO MUCH. But I NEED to push myself and trust in my personality & skills to share fun, entertainment & value.  

De-code your fear. 

What are you mental mind blocks: they will laugh at me, they will analyse my appearance and I am not a pro at video content. 

Then think.. are people really tuning in to laugh? No they are tuning in and watching because they WANT to hear what you have to say. Appearance, we don't all look dolled up all the time. Being natural in loungewear is being real. They can relate to you. 

Once you decode some of you mental blocks you feel a lot better about trying to take actions to over-come them. 

So , I hope you can implicate these strategies and that they help you. Remember - life begins when you step outside your comfort-zone.

Let me know your successes, your process and wins! Message me - I love hearing from you.

I AM SO excited to be opening up 5 places to be coached 1-1 this month, to become an independent agent.

- Be your own boss

-Work your own hours

-Earn the commissions back on all the travel you book

-Travel smarter

1-1 coaching is really,  REALLY important to me. It is scary and I want to be as strong of a support as I can be to everyone I train . I want to help people take their lives back a little. Have something for them and explore the world. The world that is OURS. There is a wide, beautiful world beyond front door.

Places will go quickly, so secure yours today. Message me for more information.

Go chasing those dreams. Remember, road-blocks are normal. The road can't ever be straight & narrow. We have to jump the hurdles, follow the diversions & knock down walls to achieve what we want in this life.

I am proud of you always, & will always be your number one cheerleader.




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