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What is my attitude when it comes to my work?

  • MINDSET: Mindset is EVERYTHING, you are in charge of your outlook in life. You hold the key, you are the magic. When you believe it you can achieve me. 

  • SUPPORT: EVERYONE needs support. Remember the ones who offer you help, advice and love along your journey. They shape you & they empower you to become the person you grow into. Give them thanks, gratitude & show your support for them too. 

  • GOALS: Goals give us focus, they give us direction. They encourage excitement & injection us with inspiration. Behind all the goals we write, they are simply empty without actions behind them. Make sure you have an action plan. Make sure there is a lot more action that words behind your goals. 

  • ROUNTINE: Routine, sets us up on the right path. It helps us feel in control over our lives. It encourages calm, balance & in turn helps you be far more productive.

  • SELF-DOUBT: Everyone has their low day, we are ALL our toughest critics BUT remember on these days to right down three skills/talents you have & three positive things  others have said about you. Look over them & remember HOW AMAZING YOU ARE.

  • JUDGEMENTS: This is a killer topic for me. Judgements have left scars I am still healing from. REMEMBER, you WILL be judged WHATEVER you do. SO, follow your heart, silence the outside noise.

  • CHEERLEADERS: We all have them, pick up the phone call them ask them for advice, share your ideas. Their advice will help us & drive us to take action.

  • -ENGAGE: Engage with the people you want to help & give value to you. LISTEN! I can't say this enough. People simply don't listen these days. Listen to the tone of the messages,  what emotions are coming up, what words are being spoken & make sure you are reading between the lines. AS WE KNOW - OFTEN WE DON'T GIVE PEOPLE THE FULL STORY.  Dig deeper than the surface , that is where the reason answers & information lies. 

  • RESPECT: Treat people as YOU wish to be treated. SIMPLE. People are PEOPLE, they are human, as are you! You have emotions, and feelings. Always put yourself in the shoes of others & be understanding!

  • TIME: Time is precious, so people appreciate it IMMENSELY when you give them your time. Make sure people don't take advantage though, you need time for yourself too.

  • ACTION PLANS: Mind-map, make notes, be savvy. Have a plan of action to keep you on track and help you balance your time. 

  • COMPARSIONS: The true poison, that I think overwhelms us all. We look to others for inspiration but sometimes this turns into questioning our own goals, our own work, our business model. REMEMEBER NOBODY CAN BE YOU.  YOU ARE YOUR STRONGEST SUPER-POWER. 

  • PLEASING PEOPLE: I am a CHRONIC people pleaser. I have WORN MYSELF INTO THE GROUND people pleasing. NEVER GETTING ANYWHERE. Just left feeling EXHASUTED, drained & unhappy. REMEMBER, you are the key to your own happiness & you simply can't please everyone. 

  • PERFECTION IS A MYTH: We all want to do things right -PERFECTLY. When actually maybe the magic is to be perfectly IMPERFECT. Take failures as lessons and wins, use your charm & uniqueness to shine. We are human, don't forget that. We make mistakes & that is ok. The bounce back is what counts & nobody can REALATE to being perfect because we simply AREN'T. NOBODY IS. What people CAN relate to is REALNESS, PERSONALITIES, PERSONAL STORIES & so on. 

  • MAGIC: YOU ARE THE MAGIC. You bring something to the table. You have skills & talents to offer. You can leave your footprints on the Earth & you are in control of your own destiny. 

So there you have it. That is my GIRL BOSS mindset. The tools I have & am picking up during my journey.  I hope you find this post useful Let me know your 'pain' points when it comes to mindset & what tools you use. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Love always, Sophie xoxo


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