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Written for you by C.Ward, @tiny_robbins on Instagram.

Diving deep into mental health, which more than ever is so important.



Hi there! If you are able to finish this portion of the article without identifying with any part of the following, you must pop a champagne and remember to give more to this world for you will belong to the 1% in this universe who are unaffected by any mental health challenges!

A: Shortness of breath, chest tightness, headaches, cold limps, heart palpitations.

B: Often experience extreme lows followed by extreme highs, uncommonly the in-between for a stable period of time.

C: Difficulty leaving the bed, no will or strength to get up, unable to look forward to anything

D: Shame eating food, inability to appreciate them and struggle to remove guilt after consumption.

E: Inability to control unhealthy wishes regarding food, temporal acts of relief, long term addictions.

F: Experiences obsessive, compulsive thoughts and behaviours which hinder a normal and stress-free way of life.

G: Unable to look at or be near items and memories which trigger a set of bad experiences that are debilitating. Thus, avoiding these items and memories at all cost.

H: Constant struggle to feel safe, undetected, unframed and free from harm.

I: Tendency and need to harm self physically, spiritually, and mentally in order to cope with emotional distress.

J: Ceaseless thoughts to end life once and for all to end all suffering and struggles.

K: Inability to control mood and negative thoughts.

Each alphabet stands for a mental health challenge, and isn’t exhaustive. Mental health challenges are not limited to the above and actually spread across a wide band, beyond what we can casually imagine.

Mental health is an integral and essential component of health. The World Health Organisation constitution states: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

That’s right - the truth is, mental health is not the absence of disease, trouble, or any signs of infirmity, but the presence of positive characteristics. This explains why almost none of us are infallible to it and should be all respectful of people in and out of our own struggles.

Just because we don’t experience the same, doesn’t make what others are going through any bit lesser or easier. Judgement of any form has no value of any kind. It is a tool of a fool for self deception of superiority and something to differentiate a miser from someone wiser.

We can choose to be wiser! 100% we own the power!

In fact, the more something is not widely understood, the harder it becomes for both the owner of the challenge and the public. Owning a set of challenges itself is already a burden, not having others understand what it is or having to explain it all the time makes it another set of additional weight.

Let’s all step out of our body and recognise that our apprehension is a lack of comprehension.

Be it our apprehension towards ourselves, towards our bodies, or towards others. Educate to comprehend is the quintessential.

Whether it is to find out down to the root what is robbing us for our deserving happiness, or to educate ourselves on the conditions of others to better serve and love, in this day and age of data-access, we really can make the world a better place.

One comprehension at a time, let’s embrace our humanity for how we are all different in our own ways, that makes us actually, all the same.


A hello from the author:

(Hi! I’m a perfectionistic psychologist turned progressionistic writer. I love people and love helping people achieve their best lives. I chanced upon @sophiewardy and fell in love with her. Hence we did this work together. If you like the article, I’ll be so happy to have you with me @tiny_robbins & see you @sophiewardy as well. Cheers!)


If you enjoyed this piece, please let me know. I know it gave me a lot of food for thought. I felt it was such an important topic to discuss and an amazing piece to share, A big thank you to @tiny_robbins for contributing this piece and reaching out to me.

Please share with me your thoughts.


Sophie xoxo


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