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This is a hard time, not to mention a soul-destroying time.

2020 was a new decade, a fresh start, new beginning, new adventures and new opportunities. EXPLORING THE WORLD. Now, we find ourselves in isolation. 

How did this happen? So fast? No time to think? No time to adapt! No time for acceptance. 


We are ALL in this together!

So how do we help people when we are in isolation?

1)  Use the power of technology and the use of video to connect with people. Make yourself feel like you are in the room with them. 




Are all amazing tools for video calling. 

2) Talk about your feelings and listen. Bottling up feelings of anger, frustration isn't good for anyone. Reach out to a friend & listen to one another. A problem shared is a problems halved. 

3) Empower people. Positivity is infectious, bring high energy and pass it on. By talking about weekly wins or even daily wins. This really helps not just yourself keep motivated but other's too. 

4) Help and encourage people to get into a routine. A routine helps keep focus, gives people a purpose. Many people will feel lost and at a total loss right now.

Encourage them to get into a morning routine, eating well, working on self-development, socialising daily via the phone, learning new skills, doing mindful activities, doing jobs we may have neglected in the past as well as a nightly routine. 

5) Encourage people to use their time wisely.

Talk about things that they may have neglected in the past because of being 'too busy'.

Example: new hobbies they never took on. 

Working on themselves:

Example: self-development podcasts, self-care routines, self-love exercises.

Be creative:

Example: Look into new ways to expand your businesses and explore new ideas. 


Examples: baking, sewing, reading, colouring and many more. 

6) Give people hobby ideas:







-paint with diamonds

And many more. 

7) Talk about the future:


-encourage people to begin writing their bucket-lists and creating dream boards

-discuss theatre shows to see once this passes.

-meet up's and hang out's in the future. 

-restaurants or cafes you want to try, create a list. 

8) Hold people accountable for their gratitude. Help and encourage people to write down three things a day they are grateful for and even get a journal to help them. 

We have to keep practise gratitude and support one another, as much as we can. It is hard to keep positive. 


We are stronger together and from bad storms, we re-build far stronger. We learn what are our weakest links and build from them so in time they become some of our strongest.

That is what is all about. 

I know it is so hard, but let's try our hardest to see the positives and build from this. 

I am always here too, you can reach out whenever you need!!

I hope you have found this blog helpful and useful. 

Sending you all so much love, 




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