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Updated: May 20, 2020

First of all, a BIG thank you to everyone who voted for me for the WEARETHECITY Rising Stars Awards. I was so honoured, that out of thousand of amazing super stars I was shortlisted to the final 10. Unfortunately I didn't win. Of course, I am disappointed. Disappointed in myself, BUT I know that every day I show up. Despite EVERYTHING. I show up & I am committed to being the best version of myself. So, for that I am proud of myself. I never ever stop, my mind is a constant stream of new ideas. Forever driving my Mum & friends up the wall as I come up with new ideas. Using my own struggles & journey to help others. You come on this journey with me, you travel through the good & the bad times. We weather the storms & we rise stronger. I remind myself of my 'why' every day, my mission is clear & my passion will forever burn within.

I hope I inspire you all to do the same. We all work so hard, often behind the scenes. People simply don't realise everything you are juggling. They see only 2 seconds of your work & a highlight. Often this is also just the physical side of the work. Mental & emotional support also plays such a massive role.

People who know me well know how passionate I am about helping others & cause myself to go crazy a lot over how I can help. That will never change. Knowledge is power & I am forever learning. Committed to the self-development project. Fate has a weird way of working. I have to trust in the process & just be ME.


What do I have for you this week?

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* Join my Giveaway. Share your lockdown memory! The winner will have their image turned into a paint with diamonds picture but all entries will be made into a video to showcase our lockdown experiences. I want this to be an uplifting giveaway & project. We are creating history & I want to make sure we leave a positive footprint on this page.

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What do you want to see from me?

Let me know?

Your feedback is my rocket fuel as you know.

Once again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I am forever grateful. This is just beginning. Never give up on your dreams.

Sophie XOXO


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