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Lockdown has been hard on all of us but it has also taught us a lot.

We have had our highs & our lows. Our tears and our laughs. We are 10000 per cent more gratitude towards the smaller things in our lives than we have ever been & I think it is fair to say we have learnt more about ourselves & people in general.

Life is the toughest job any of us will ever take on..


It is also the biggest party we will ever attend.

I am guilty & openly admit that motivation levels have run on low for the last few weeks. Yet, I have stuck to my routine & also looked to people for inspiration.

Gary Vee being one of them. He is very direct & is like Marmite, you either love him or hate him. BUT, if you really listen to his words, see between the lines you learn so much from him.

He always preaches about being grateful and not allowing judgements to eat away at us.

Being direct always about staying in your own lane & not being sucked into the toxic comparison cycle. We all want to be successful, to win & when we see others having amazing success it is easy to feel disappointed, uninspired by our constant fight. Why, are they winning and we don't feel like we have got off the starting line despite all the hours of work.

Gary puts it in terms of weight loss for example:

People want quick fixes, fast successes with little effort.

People have the same attitude with business, they want quick success. They see business coming on the scene out of nowhere & booming. They have amazing wins, like the weight loss. They lose weight quickly and see results quickly.


It isn't sustainable ..

The weight loss diet isn't a way of life you can keep up.

With business the world is forever changing, what may be the trend now, will be so last year tomorrow.

They haven't learnt the lessons to real success, they haven't done their research, learnt from failures, educated themselves.

SO, the person on the quick fix weight loss diet, falls back into bad habits, the same routine and gains back the weight as quick as it came off.

The business that came on the market and blew up over night, didn't learn how to offer multiple products or how to switch up their products to move with the times. So, within a short window of time they product sales rapidly decrease.


The person who's weight loss was slow. It had hiccups, where you went up and down like a yo-yo.

Over this tough journey, you made lifestyle changes, created healthier habits, learnt new skills like cooking and took up a new sport.

So, you continue to thrive & achieve small successes along the way, gaining strength every day and you keep off the weight.

The business that educated themselves on their customers, offered a range of products, moved with the times continued to achieve sales and over time their demand increased & their business became successful

The message is, don't give up, do you, LISTEN, make the changes, keep in your own lane and believe that truly isn't a 'quick fix' or an 'overnight' success because I think we would all agree we would want to continue to be successful, not have a short lives success & then a crash.


The next lesson is that don't take judgement to heart!


Often people who judge are using them as a shield to their own insecurities. Their words are more of a reflection on them, than you. When you begin telling your mind this, over time you are able to become immune from them & can shake them off.

When you begin to be unaffected by judgements you build confidence, self-esteem which becomes empowering to people.


Next food for thought..


Change scares us all, yet we all want to make changes and TALK about taking action all the time, but actually rarely taking the action.


The unknown makes us feel anxious, we know we are going to feel uncomfortable and so we run back to our safe haven of our comfort zones.

WE NEED to face the unknown to build, it is the only way. Like fears, once we face them & gain the buzz from the success of overcoming them, we realise how silly they are.

Take small steps, make small changes, build your confidence, you don't want to overwhelm yourself.




Why .. why give up your magic, dull your own sparkle trying to grab a handful of someone else's sparkle.

We are all unique and that is the magic right there. We all bring something to the table. Remind yourself of why people love you, what your skills and talents are & show the world them. Be proud of yourself don't let anyone pull you down.


You hold the lottery ticket!


You have the gift of today!

You have amazing support.

You are talented.

You are worthy...

Don't waste your golden ticket, use your precious time wisely. DO YOU. Don't try to fit in or worry about the journey you are on. Just make sure you are making it your own.

I hope this post has given you food for thought. Is there any areas you feel hold you back?

Let's discuss..

Keep shining..

Sophie xoxo


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