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Updated: May 6, 2020

Weekend plans in isolation.. what to do?

We have all hit the wall this week, wondering what else is there left to do. Well, here a few ideas that you may want to use:

1. Virtual quiz: there are so many on YouTube now to pick from. Play together or against one another. Use FaceTime, WhatsApp video call, Facebook video calls or Zoom to connect you all. 

2. A virtual wine night: try different wines. You can purchase small bottles of a few different wines and try & test them all. Giving them a rating out of 10. 

3. Virtual movie night. Pick a movie and watch it together over a video call. Talk about the film & even have a little interval to grab extra snacks and drinks. 

4. Create your own quiz using: BuddyMeter that will be about you and host your own quiz night. How much do your friends and family know about you?

5. Have a pamper night. Face mask applied, a bubble bath, nails done & a little chillax. 

6. Order yourself a candle making kit. Have fun creating candle & then use them to relax as you burn them. 

7. Support local businesses and order food in. You could all order from the same outlet and eat over a video call. 

8. BAKE, everyone is loving it right now. Find a recipe that takes your fancy and get lost in creating some yummy weekend treats. Banana bread I know is the NEW top bake. 

9. Have a baking contest with friends and family. 

10. Do a puzzle, work together on a puzzle or against one another. Time how long it takes you to complete. 

11. Put a podcast on and go for a nice walk

12. Start a new book and get lost in it. 

13. Do an online course and expand your skills. 

14. Grab yourself an adult-colouring book. 

15. Learn a TikTok dance ( YES! It takes forever!)

16. Do some gardening.

17. Play a board game.

18. Grab your pack of cards and have a card playing evening. 

19. Write down everything you are looking forward to once this is over. 

20. Phone a friend. 

21. Start a new series some ideas:

- Strangers (Netflix)

-Nest (BBC Iplayer)

-Liar (Itv player)

-The Ted Bundy Tapes ( Netflix)

-Homecoming ( Amazon Prime)

-Marvelous Mrs Maisel (Amazon Prime)

-Dynasty (Netflix)

And many more.

22. Chill with a movie, some ideas:

- The Hustle ( Netflix)

-Murder Mystery ( Netflix)

-The Darkest Hour ( Netflix)

-Gone Girl (Netflix)

And so many more. 

23. Get into a new hobby. There are so many things you can start up and right now is the perfect time.

24. Cocktail virtual party!

25. Homemade pizza nights.

I hope this gives you some ideas on tackling isolation. The days can become long, so pack them full. Create a routine, and make sure you have a nice balance in there too. 

Keep strong!

This time is what we make of it & never forget that. 

Love always, 

Sophie xoxo


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