I ask myself this question a lot.


Because we want a direct answer, a clear direction.

The reality is very different.

We forget that everyone is so different - unique. What works for someone, may not work for us. Our bodies aren't the only things that are complex & different BUT we have different hobbies, passions & little pieces of joy.

I have learnt the hard way that waiting for people to give us the answers & not just that, expecting a MAGIC answer to solve all our woes really isn't:

A. Healthy

B. Realistic

C. Using time wisely.

We must rewire our minds to realise that we hold the key to our happiness, our own state of 'WELLNESS'.

Wellness can be misused in so many ways:

  • That you must eat this, that & the other.

  • You must be this size.

  • You should exercise daily.

  • You need to be on medication.

Although these points are valid and do a play a key role, they shouldn't be the sole focus.


Because, even though they help us we can lose our focus & get lost in them. Ignoring our heart, what it is crying out for, neglecting our passions (because they are seen as not being *productive*) & living a very controlled life.

I am learning that happiness, fun, freedom & joy should be what we are all aiming for. These elements are different to everyone.

We only get one shot a life, do we really want to waiting around for doctors to get back to us with answers?

Consuming negative media & causing a toxic cycle of guilt, comparison & negativity towards ourselves.

I think its important to stay proactive mentally & physically, eat healthy, take your meds and all the jazz but I also don't believe it should consume your life.

I am the worst at taking on blame when I am not 'productive' in my eyes. I am the worst. I have to fill every minute of everyday it seems. But it leads to BIG crashes and burn outs that make me truly unhappy because they fall me.

Everyone has periods of down time. Days off. Hours in the day they JUST WATCH TV and chill.

That is what I LEARNING.

Doing things the (I) enjoy. Feeding my soul without guilt.

When you begin to nail this mindset, which isn't easy I then believe you begin to see what REAL wellness is all about.

Your world is a little brighter, you are motivated & even excited. You aren't relying on anything, you are just listening to yourself. We know our bodies best, we know what brings us joy. We don't need a doctor, or an Instagram post to validation our feelings or sway us.