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Life Has To Go On.

I feel the breeze on my face,

As the world I begin to embrace,

My anxiety building within,

The fears wanting to win,

I take on the day,

In the same way,

Trying to stick to routine to keep me sane,

Deep down feeling a little insane,

You don’t know which way to turn,

As a new way of life you have to learn,

You forget,

You don’t want to waste time and regret,

You have done this all before,

You have been at rock bottom crying on the floor,

You have rebuilt,

You have handled the guilt,

Maybe in some parts it lives on,

It may never be gone,

The strength you have gained,

When it rained,

You must use now,

The world is watching you, so take a bow,

They need your guidance now too,

You don’t see what they see in you,

Always strong,

The road has been so long,

That smile that is often your make up not really real,

That hug for comfort you did want to steal,

But you,


Must do this as the world can not stop,

Don’t allow your confidence to drop,

I see you smiling and positive but wracked by fear,

I saw you behind closed doors shed a tear,

The world will never know you think,

They miss you smiling face and your cheeky wink,

Never knowing we have been on the brink,

Don’t waste time it is gone in a blink,

It is nearly time to step out,

Be aware of self doubt,

Lead by example and see,

If you set yourself & others free,

From the thoughts that poison our mind,

Inner peace we must find,

I see you there,

Carrying a weight hard to bare,

I hear you,

Just remember to be you,

We are human and make mistakes,

Like a movie we have many takes,

Be proud of where you stand,

Always be a friend to lend a hand.

Sophie Ward



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