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Stay home is our role to play, 

Plans on hold as we delay, 

2020 upside down, 

Ghost town, 

The silence through the streets, 

Uplifted through podcasts & music beats, 

Emotions are a rollercoaster making me sick, 

But to the rules & guidance we must stick, 

To save lives, 

Into the dark the world dives, 

No right or wrong all trial & error as the map points in all directions, 

Looking in the mirror at our reflections, 

Working on us for once with no distractions, 

Less transactions, 

Material things won't save, 

No matter what we crave,

Don't cave, 

Create your own house party & rave, 

Listen to how your heart beats, 

Take a stroll peel yourself off your seats, 

Fresh air & sun, 

Laugh for fun, 

Feed your soul, 

The days of isolation take a toll, 

Remember the love, 

Tat shines on your from above, 

Remind yourself of the heroes that fought through our history, 

This is us creating our history, 

To show strength now, 

To inspire future generations to know how, 

To face tough times & rise, 

To comprise, 

Work together for our end goal, 

Remind your soul. 

Of your strength, 

The journey is long in length, 

We bounce back stronger, 

Even if plans have to be put on hold a little longer, 

When the time comes around they will be even better, 

During this golden time you became a goal-getter, 

Refreshed with inspiration for life & dreams, 

However crazy it seems, 

This it is golden, 

Our time hasn't been stolen, 

Our heart still beats, 

Virtually we still meet, 

I have faith in you, 

So should you!




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