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Explorer of myself & the world.

I am an explorer as around the world I go, 

I may travel slow, 

But everyday I am taking steps to be the best version of me, 

Aiming to feel free, 

Living life as I should be, 

Maybe I am not the girl you choose to see, 

But I have drive, vision and dreams, 

Not all is what it seems, 

I feel weak, 

My days can look bleak, 

I put the sun in them, 

I wave bye to negativity - too focused to give a damn, 

I spread love, kindness and positivity always, 

Adding sun to everyone's days, 

That is the aim you see, 

Why would I want to be anything other than happy & the best version I can be, 

You can talk, 

Passed you I will walk, 

I don't need to explain, 

I have been through the pain, 

I choose to dance in the rain, 

My energy and love I won't allow you to drain, 

I will take the plane, 

Ride on the train, 

Travel by car, 

I aim to be the star, 

You see from afar, 

From you - I am never far, 

Know your worth & know you, 

Always be true to you, 

Don't allow people to make you feel blue, 

They have no idea what you do, 

I am here with you, 

Proud of everything you do, 

The world is yours, girl, 

In the rain bring the sun as they watch in amazement see you twirl. 




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