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As we welcome in fall, many of us will be feeling a range of emotions. We fear the winter, especially with the idea that stricter restrictions & lockdowns may be introduced.

We have already been so very strong to fight through what seemed to be an endless Spring - Summer lockdown. The thought of a dark, cold winter of lockdown is another ball game.

I know & I totally feel you, that you feel as if your mental health is spiraling out of control.

It is important during this time to ground ourselves. Ensuring we have balance - work & play. That we are creating a healthy routine with healthy habits. Reaching out and supporting on another.

Our minds like to spiral, overthink & become jumbled.

It is normal & we shouldn't guilt trip ourselves for feeling as if we are out of control, as our minds run away from us.

However, it is important that we are educating ourselves on our triggers so that we can create a toolkit to combat the triggers when they arise.

How do we do this?

Notice patterns.

Record your results.

Pinpoint the triggers then look into exercises that calm you - bubble baths, walking, watching movies, painting and so on.

So when these symptoms arise you can instantly act and make time for the things that calm you.

Ensuring that you are always allowing 'me' time for yourself in each and every day. We feel currently so out of control that our world is full of unknowns. You want to calm & ground yourself by just disconnecting & doing something that feeds your soul.

Take a moment to write out you perfect day & work every day towards getting as close as possible to that day/routine. We only get one shot at life & we deserve to live it in a way that makes us happy.

Let me know how you feel about fall/winter & how your anxiety levels have been.. maybe you already have a few great coping mechanisms.

Let me know.

Never feel alone, always here!




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