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I Choose To Shine

The way I choose to shine, 

The way I say, 'I am fine,'

Never a question of where I am, 

Many don't really give a damn, 

For I am paving my own way, 

You can have your say, 

But I will stay true to me, 

Building the person I want to be, 

Surrounding myself with the cheers, 

Wiping the tears, 

Facing the fears, 

Moving up the gears, 

Life in the fast lane, 

Dealing with the pain, 

Focusing on what we can gain, 

We feel the strain, 

The new day presents a new battle, 

Your cage they often rattle, 

You rise like the sun, 

Creating the fun, 

I will write to you, 

I know what you go through, 

I am here for you, 

Through whatever you choose to do, 

To build for the future is wise, 

I have my eyes on the prize, 

That despite it all, 

I didn't fall, 

I took on the fight, 

With all my might, 

I showed up & faced the world with a bright smile, 

I may hibernate for a while, 

I am only human you must understand, 

I will always lend you my hand, 

In the dark we dance, 

On life we took a chance, 

To embrace, 

That brave smile on your face, 

The hero within, 

Always chooses to win. 




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