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Isolation To The World 

Isolation, what does it mean?

How long has it been?

As the four walls cave in, 

We are in a battle we just want to win, 

The darkness like poison sweeps in, 

Day after day it closes in, 

Changing our mindset, 

Not allowing our bodies to reset, 

How can we keep the light around, 

Seeing the chaos that is all around, 

Supporting the ones who fall silent, 

Calming those that want to vent, 

We can sink into the quick sand, 

Or stronger together we can stand, 

We live in a world where improvement in all areas is want we crave, 

We refuse to be defeated and cave, 

Go back to the drawing board, 

Build in other ways to later receive the reward, 

The world my fall silent, 

You may feel absent, 

The streets empty and the roads clear, 

Feeling alone with no end in sight near, 

Pick up the phone and call, 

Don't allow ourselves to fall, 

People are still here, 

Often very near, 

Don't let dreams disappear, 

A boom in the end will appear, 

I have faith & you can call me crazy, 

But isolation won't lead me to become lazy, 

More than ever action needs to be taken, 

The world has been shaken, 

We have to dig deep, 

We need to recharge and sleep, 

Bring forward new ideas to improve all areas of our lives we have neglected, 

Over my journey I have reflected, 

We have all come so far, 

In our own right- a star, 

Don't allow your shine to be dimmed, 

The surface we have only just skimmed, 

There is more of yourself to explore, 

Expect more, 

Learn to dig deeper, 

To the world -be a keeper,

New skills, 

Ways to pay the bills, 

New hobbies to create you into a creator, 

Don't turn into a hater, 

Everyone feels the struggle but we all have tools, 

Until this virus cools, 

Do some soul searching, 

Do your researching, 

How can you improve, 

So you don't lose your groove, 

There are always ways, 

To shine in different ways, 

In the end, 

Our hand to others we should still lend, 

As when this passes us by, 

With joy we will cry, 

As all our work behind closed doors to the world appears, 

You may reduce yourself to tears, 

For not just surviving but creating, empowering and growing, 

Your strength you carried on showing, 

In a time of doubt, 

You never wanted out, 

You stayed true to you, 

Chased the rainbow & the sun never allowing your feelings to turn blue, 

People were lifted, 

Inspiration to them you gifted, 

Content reaching the soul, 

With words - hearts you stole, 

Dreaming of a life filled with bucket list magic, 

This virus & what it is doing to the world is tragic, 

The lost will never be forgotten and that is a fact, 

We are all defined by the way in which we act, 

Never lose sight of your dream, 

However far away a this present time they may seem, 

Give out love to all, 

Pick up the phone & call, 

Reach out, 

Give people a quick shout, 

Be their life-line, 

Discuss positive wins when together you dine, 

Silence the blues and doubt, 

Keep shining from the inside out, 

I got you, 

To yourself remain true, 

Isolation what does me mean to you?

It was a hell of a storm to get through,

But it was a time when I worked on me, 

To shape the person I want to be, 

Improved on my business & content to create the best service & value possible, 

Nothing seemed impossible, 

I gave love and support to all, 

I saved many and myself from the fall, 

We can still have goals & work on them everyday, 

The world in the end will pay you back in the best way, 

Keep safe & keeping shining, 

Adapting and re-aligning, 

Wait for the sparkle.. 





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