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Mama, my girl, 

In my ball dress like a princess you taught me to twirl, 

The world can be cruel, 

But you taught me how to rule, 

How to be kind, 

Myself - you inspired me to find, 

Never a tear to be shed, 

On your shoulder you allowed me to rest my head, 

You lift me up every day, 

With life we like to play, 

To challenge ourselves to be who we dream to be, 

You have been the one who has shaped me, 

I can never give thanks like I want to, 

As there aren't the words to explain how much I love you, 

You raise me up and inspire me, 

You also ground me to be as grateful as should be, 

Thank you, 

You are the sun helping us all glow with light from you, 

You teach us something new every day, 

In your own way, 

From shopping for wine, 

Or finding a glam place to dine, 

For playing dress up to feel million dollars for the night, 

To a hospital bed as we fight, 

Life is a ride, 

I couldn't do without you by my side, 

You have a heart of pure gold, 

The gift wrap I fold, 

Never enough for you, 

I hope I can show my love and thanks to you, 

In your typical Sophie way, 

Playing with words everyday, 

A creative mind, 

A bond that is so hard to find, 

Always there at the end of the day, 

Cheering me on in some way, 

You are a flower that continues to bloom, 

Helping us all add light in the dark gloom, 

You don't see your real glow, 

But to others it's to strong not to show, 

Chasing the sun, 

To come - there is lots more fun, 

This year, 

Has caused a tear, 

But I am - for you always here, 

And for me I know you are always near, 

For the bond that we have and the friendship so strong, 

The road may be taxing and long, 

But you continue to influence me, 

Inspiring me, 

To be the best person I can be, 

You shine more than you see, 

I am lucky to have you, 

We have weathered every storm through, 

A true diamond rock, 

Never slowed down by a road block, 

Keep shining bright, 

Day and night, 

You are beautiful inside and out, 

That is a fact without a doubt. 





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