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Today's poem, please think about life. Being there for your loved ones, following your passions & ACTING. This is YOUR life, don't allow fears or ANYTHING hold you back. Time is precious & limited. I hope you enjoy.

I am here

From life what do we expect?

Ourselves as well as others do we respect?

I followed the rules & I followed the path,

So why do I feel like I am drowning even in a shallow bath?

I don't understand the pain that we feel,

Often told by others it isn't real,

No matter how hard we try to soothe the pain,

There is always a storm & often rain,

I feel you & I am always here,

You aren't alone I am always near,

Maybe in person or maybe in spirit but please don't doubt,

I will always be about,

I hope to set myself free,

For you to see,

That life is our own,

Over the years we have grown,

From the pain,

From the rain,

For the love that has been shown,

With the support we have grown,

I am proud of not stopping at the stop sign,

From fate I am always looking out for my sign,

I am proud of lifting others up even when they have put me down,

For being brave to take on the town,

I can be by your side,

But have you been with me on my ride?

For those we help,

In pain we feel we are dying as we yelp,

Tomorrow isn't a given,

So you are forgiven,

We want to grow,

Love & kindness you should always be choosing to show,

The pain is real,

I know how you feel,

I wish I could heal pain of others & take the pain,

I hate seeing people shedding tears & feeling the strain,

All I can do is be the best person I can be,

Follow my heart & be true to me,

I am your friend,

Right until the end,

Call me in your hour of need,

Our souls with our passions we need to feed,

Life is short,

Time can't be bought,

Pick up the phone & call a friend,

Your love to the world please send,

Make that passion your work today,

Be excited every day,

Face a fear & inspire those around you,

Be you,

That is your biggest super power,

There will always be a rain shower,

Just know you are strong,

You have known that all along,

Nobody is immune,

Don't sink into the gloom,

I am here,

Maybe in person or maybe in spirt but I am always near,

Don't let your lust for life disappear,

I am here.




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